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Wunderlist is easily one of the greatest simple todo list apps ever made. It’s one of the few todo list apps that most computer users would have almost definitely have heard of before. But then, it took off so well because it was free — combine that with native apps for almost every platform, including PCs with less todo list app options than the Mac and mobile platforms, and it seemed unstoppable.

That was only supposed to be the first stepping stone for the 6Wunderkinder team, though. They originally intended Wunderlist to be a basic free todo list app, then to follow up with Wunderkit as their pro collaboration app. That plan got scuttled, though, and instead they doubled down on Wunderlist, adding pro accounts and team features. The pro accounts brought task assignment, subtasks, and new backgrounds back in April, but with this month’s updates, Wunderlist now makes perfect sense as a great team collaboration app without making their simple todo list app any more difficult to use.


Recent statistics show that Chrome is solidly in third place in the “browser wars”. Perhaps the main reason for Chrome’s rapid growth over the past four plus years is the Chrome Web Store. The plethora of extensions and apps available for Chrome packaged in an accessible online store has enticed many users to make the switch.

I recently switched back to Chrome specifically for the productivity extensions. There were a few extensions I couldn’t live without and some I recently encountered having a good ol’ time perusing the Web Store. The result is a set of 15 extremely handy productivity extensions for Chrome. So, in some kind of order, here they are…

It’d be hard to be a fan of web apps and not have heard of Wunderlist. The nearly ubiquitous to-do list app has gone from a fresh contender at its launch in late 2010 to one of the most well-known to-do list apps on the planet. It’s free, fun to use with customizable backgrounds, and has web, desktop, and mobile apps that all work exactly the same. In fact, we used to use it internally at AppStorm before switching to the new Basecamp. It works great, and looks nice: a rather killer combo.

And now, it’s better than ever. Wunderlist 2 already improved the service, but it’s lately gotten a ton of extra goodness, along with paid Pro accounts that add unlimited subtasks, task delegation, and of all things, extra backgrounds. The first two make it a serious contender for professional task management, while the latter keeps Wunderlist’s fun attitude front and center. (more…)

Wunderlist might be one of the best examples of a viral app, ever. Little over 3 months after launching, the 6Wunderkinder team had released native apps for most platforms as well as a beautiful web app, and over 1 million people had started using Wunderlist to keep track of their to-dos and more. Before we started using Basecamp, many of our editors here at AppStorm used shared Wunderlists to keep track of what writers were working on. It was simple, but still worked great.

Wunderlist was only supposed to be a taste of the awesomeness of Wunderkit, the more advanced app from the 6Wunderkinder team that was released in beta earlier this year. It let you keep track of teams, see what others were working on in a social network-type interface, write notes, and of course keep up with task lists. Even in beta, it was widely praised, even here at AppStorm, and many on our team started using it individually.

This past week, the 6Wunderkinder team decided to shift their focus back to their original success, Wunderlist, and shut down Wunderkit. It was a surprising move, but then, Wunderlist still seemed to be the more popular and focused product of the two. Still, though, it made us wonder how many people had started relying on Wunderkit. Are you actively using it, and did this announcement affect your workflow?

Most of us struggle with too many things to do. From projects you need to complete at work or school to the random things you need to fix at your house, there’s simply too much to do each day. There are dozens of to-do list and project management apps for Windows, Mac, mobile, as well as standalone webapps so you can keep up with your tasks online. Many of them are beautifully designed and are simple to use, but they’re often expensive and only work on one platform.

Very few to-do list apps offer an integrated solution to keep your tasks synced between all of your devices. The last thing you need to do is to manage a complicated to-do list sync when you’re already struggling under too many things to do. But many popular apps still don’t sync seamlessly. Today we’re going to look at a new beautifully designed to-do list app that blows all of this away: Wunderlist.