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Wunderlist might be one of the best examples of a viral app, ever. Little over 3 months after launching, the 6Wunderkinder team had released native apps for most platforms as well as a beautiful web app, and over 1 million people had started using Wunderlist to keep track of their to-dos and more. Before we started using Basecamp, many of our editors here at AppStorm used shared Wunderlists to keep track of what writers were working on. It was simple, but still worked great.

Wunderlist was only supposed to be a taste of the awesomeness of Wunderkit, the more advanced app from the 6Wunderkinder team that was released in beta earlier this year. It let you keep track of teams, see what others were working on in a social network-type interface, write notes, and of course keep up with task lists. Even in beta, it was widely praised, even here at AppStorm, and many on our team started using it individually.

This past week, the 6Wunderkinder team decided to shift their focus back to their original success, Wunderlist, and shut down Wunderkit. It was a surprising move, but then, Wunderlist still seemed to be the more popular and focused product of the two. Still, though, it made us wonder how many people had started relying on Wunderkit. Are you actively using it, and did this announcement affect your workflow?

When it comes to writing, the hardest part for me is getting new ideas for articles. I used to just hope I’d remember them long enough to either start writing about them when I had the chance or write down the idea itself in a list. That’s when I started using Wunderlist to manage my writing ideas, but I soon stopped using it since the developers didn’t update the apps with the bug fixes that it needed so badly.

Then one day I had nothing to do and I stumbled upon Simplenote, a note-taking service that’s name pretty much explains itself. You’ve definitely heard of it before, so I’m not going to give you a tour of what it’s able to do, but rather tell you why I like it. In addition, I use Wunderkit (developed by the same people as Wunderlist, but far better) to manage my tasks. I’ll also be giving some thoughts on that in this article, so keep reading for some reasons why you should use these two services to organize your ideas. (more…)