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Goal setting is an incredibly important practice for our lives. We set goals in order to advance in our careers, learn new skills, pursue passions, get fit and much more. Unfortunately, keeping track of all the smaller steps needed to achieve goals is often difficult. Actually achieving all of the steps and thus the goal is even harder, without some form of external motivation.

That’s where the site WorkSimple comes in. WorkSimple is a social goal-setting and tracking application where users set goals and then share the goals with their peers. This creates a sense of accountability, allowing for the achievement of more goals. WorkSimple offers applications for both businesses and individuals, although this review is focused solely on the individual application. Read on to learn more about the capabilities of WorkSimple and what I thought of it.


Enterprise software were never fun to use. For years, in the name of “professional looking”, a boring user interface was listed as most enterprise software’s major USP, it seemed. Microsoft Outlook remained as the path breaking collaboration (!) tool for decades. It ruled the roost until the another equally legendary social collaboration tool, Sharepoint, arrived. Slowly, very slowly, companies are embracing SaaS apps, but they are often not much better.

Everytime I use a leading project management and collaboration web app, I can’t fathom why such a clunky tool is used by millions. Naturally, I was skeptical when I heard about WorkSimple, which claims to be a social enterprise platform. To learn if WorkSimple wiped the doubtful smirk off my face or not, hit jump.