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If you’re managing your small business using web apps, there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard about WorkingPoint. WorkingPoint is a unique, feature rich and affordable solution for keeping track of accounting, invoicing and bookkeeping of a small business.

We recently published 10 Amazing Apps Used by the Envato Team, and we’ve now asked WorkingPoint to share with us the apps they use to run their startup. From the web apps they are using we can infer that a major chunk of their operations are handled using web apps. Check out these ten great web apps after the jump.

Not too long ago we took a look at Small Business Management Made Easy with WorkingPoint and the great team at WorkingPoint has offered to give 10% of Web.AppStorm readers 3 months of complimentary premium service.

If you’ve been thinking of trying WorkingPoint, there’s no better time than now! Read on for details.


If you stumble on the web, there is very good chance you will fall on a streaming music site or an invoicing app. There are simply too many of those sites online; I’ve wondered if they just buy a script and just change the CSS and logo. Contrary to music sites which can be differentiated based on their library, it is not that easy with online book keeping apps. They tend to be pricey, featureless or, in most cases, both.

WorkingPoint claims to be unique, feature rich and affordable. After the jump we’ll find out whether or not that claim holds any water.