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As I may have mentioned before, one of the great things about the web is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to connect with people from many different places. No longer do you and a coworker have to be in the same room, looking at the same screen in order to discuss a project. The web has made it so that distance knows no boundaries for two or more people to connect or work together. It still blows my mind that there are developers out there that create apps and they haven’t even met face to face. But yet, they are able to crank out amazing apps by being able to communicate and collaborate through the web.

One of those apps that can help people connect and work together is one called Kollaborate and it does exactly what the name says. It is a web tool to help people collaborate with each other in real time, so that they can work together. I had the chance to take it for a spin and I was intrigued by its possibilities.


One of the things that I tend to spend way too much time on when I apply for a job is my resume. It seems like there are so many different schools of thought when it comes to preparing one for yourself. I have been told before that you should stick to it being one page long, and then I recently learned in a school admin course that it doesn’t matter how long it is and the more pages the better. In fact the professor, who is a superintendent of a school district, showed us his and it was five pages long! Needless to say, I am in need of updating mine, and so I decided to take a gander to see what was out on the web for me to try.

As I started to look around for ways to create one, I wanted a simple and easy way to get my information down on paper and yet have it be professional enough that I could use it in a job application. When I got the opportunity to play around with CV Maker, it seemed to meet the simplicity and ease of use factor, but was it enough for me? Let’s take a look.


Tracking the time you spend working is something many of us need to do, whether we like it or not. For people like freelancers, tracking time is an essential part of the job in order to aptly bill your client later on. And in all different industries, time sheets are used to clock in and out of a job (and if you’ve ever watched The Simpsons, you’ll know how this can be exploited!).

TSheets is essentially a virtual timesheet, allowing you to track your time on the web, whatever the context. If you’re in a position to do so, you can also manage the time of your employees and produce reports that directly integrated into services like QuickBooks and FreshBooks. (more…)

Laughter is the best medicine. Period. To keep up with the pace of a world moving at a lightning speed, it is absolutely essential to stay put and have a few laughs. If you don’t have a funny bone, get one and get it tickled often.

Personally, I consider this to be the golden era of hilarity online. Created by amateurs & professionals alike there is no dearth of funny content in every possible niche. After the jump we are featuring a wild mix of hilarious sites that are worth a visit.