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Tracking the success your social media campaign is no easy task and if you’re in a highly competitive vertical that demands you stay on top of your rival’s campaign, there are no simple solutions. Thanks to Wildfire we now have a one click solution to comparitively monitor the social media traction in two of the most popular platforms — Facebook and Twitter.

After the break, we’ll look at how to use the Wildfire Social Media Monitor to glean insights about the growth of your social media fan base on the leading social networks.


We recently reviewed Wildfire, an amazing web application for creating branded interactive promotions like sweepstakes, contests and giveaways with the viral features of the social web. Wildfire was kind enough to give three Premium campaigns away to our readers, each valued at more than $250. Thanks Wildfire team!

Congrats to our three lucky winners, here they are!


In need of campaign creation and management tools? A hot app to help kickstart your creative campaign idea? Having reviewed Wildfire, we would now like to give one of our readers a chance to use the app to create, launch and run a campaign of their own. If you would like to try out Wildfire, read on for more information.


Campaigns are a powerful tool for businesses to promote themselves, but they can be difficult to execute efficiently and smoothly. Combining the power of social media and campaigns has proven to be a very successful way of promotion—if done correctly. It can be quite difficult, however, to execute successful campaigns, especially for those less experienced with them.

Wildfire seeks to change the difficulty involved in launching and running successful social media marketing campaigns, making it easy for almost anyone to jump right in and successfully execute a quality promotion using today’s social media outlets.

I’ll take a look at Wildfire today and see what they’re bringing to the table of marketing.