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Speak to any progressively-minded and well-educated web designer or developer, and you’ll soon realize that you are conversing with a master craftsman. Like any professional who is highly skilled, these shapers of pixels and writers of code take pride in the jobs they do, and they work to the highest possible standard. This requires, among other practices, the use of clean, semantic code — one less media query here, and one less repeated CSS rule there adds up to a noticeably faster website.

That is all highly commendable if you know what you’re doing (or if you can afford to employ someone who is suitably knowledgeable). But what about when David, the hotelier, wants to add a promo video to his website, or when Rachel, the musician, wants to include her recordings in her web presence? These folks may have basic web-building skills, but they certainly aren’t capable of writing functional micro web-apps. The solution? Embeddable widgets.

Unfortunately, widgets haven’t always been terribly adjustable, good-looking or quick to load, and finding one to suit your exact needs has always been a painful search. A new service named Blogvio, fresh out of private beta, aims to address these issues with a library of stylish, customizable widgets. But can any paste-in code really provide a satisfying addition to your website?


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Cool Mojito. The developer describes Cool Mojito as a web app that lets you create a professionally designed Facebook page within a few minutes, for free. It’s as easy as dragging a widget with our drag and drop widget-based interface.

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Google+ is in many ways the hottest social network in these days.  It’s reported to have gotten 25 million users faster than any other social network, and has already seen a lot of engagement from popular users. Whether it’s found a place in your social networking life or not, Google+ can definitely be another great way to promote your products and site, just like Facebook, Twitter, and more.  While Facebook has an official badge creator, Google+ is yet to provide the same.  In this article, we’ll have a look at some Google Plus profile widget creators that can help you get one in seconds.