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Many of us use the web as a tool, as a form of entertainment, as a news source. Besides being connected to the internet, those three things all share one thing in common: sitting. Much of the world has grown more and more obese with each passing year, and many are pointing –rightly– at our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Thankfully, the same system that encouraged our slothfulness is also going to be able to drive a different, better cause: our health. One of the most complete web apps I’ve found for getting in-shape is Fitbit, an established website with an excellent offering.

Will Fitbit help you lose weight? Read on to find out.


Some of my friends love working out. They enjoy going to the gym, or running, or lifting weights. While I enjoy doing activities like playing Racquetball or Baseball, I find in order to go to the gym, I need some motivation- I need something that will help keep me to whatever fitness goal I happen to have. Skinnyo is a social network that aims to do just that.