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Several weeks ago, I took a short 2-day working vacation, carrying my iPad along to keep up with Web.AppStorm and my other work while I was traveling with my family. Even from the back of a car in the middle of nowhere in Thailand, I could schedule articles in WordPress, communicate with our team with email and Basecamp, and keep up with everything going on in a Google Spreadsheet, all from a pokey EDGE connection.

That got me thinking of how our whole site is built around web apps. Without web apps, of course, Web.AppStorm wouldn’t even exist. Our site is powered by WordPress with a side of PollDaddy and Formstack, coordinated with Google Apps and Basecamp, read and shared on Google Reader and Twitter and Facebook. But beyond using web apps because we have to, most of our team relies on multiple web apps to manage our lives, communicate with those closest to us (and others we’ve never met), and stay entertained.

The Mac.AppStorm and iPhone.AppStorm teams have recently written interesting roundups of their favorite Mac and iPhone apps, respectively. I thought it’d be great if our team could do the same, so after the break, you’ll discover the apps we’ve used to build our careers and keep ourselves sane in the process.


Hi, and welcome to Web.AppStorm, the newest member of the Envato family of sites.

If you are familiar with our sister site, Mac.AppStorm, you can guess what the purpose of this site is. We aim to bring you news, reviews, and resources for all things web related.