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volunteering, founded in 1995 by the nonprofit organization Action Without Borders, is an online community promoting the connection of people, organizations, opportunities, and resources to build a better world through community engagement. Now with over 6,000 job listings, 13,000+ volunteer opportunities, and over 320,000 registered users, there has never been a better time to look at what the community has to offer, especially for anyone looking to make a difference.

Need a job? Need more experience? Both of these opportunities could just be a few clicks away. If you have ever wanted an easy way to give back and get involved with your community, read on to see how you can leverage to get the opportunity or position that you have always wanted.

Whether you’ve only got minutes of free time or have a week to kill, you might like some more productive way to use your time than simply watching TV. On the other hand, non profit organizations are usually under staffed and are looking for someone to lend a helping hand. Yes, you can send them money to carry out their activities or offer your expert services instead. But how do you know what kind of help nonprofits are seeking and how long the¬†commitment¬†might be?

Sparked makes it easy for busy people to give back. The web app assists people with expertise in various verticals find the right nonprofit task to lend their professional skills whenever and wherever they find time to spare. Interested in giving back to your community? Here’s one interesting way you can find a way to give back to a cause you love doing things you love best.