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I can remember back to the days when web design was an extremely technical subject — a skill limited to those with an advanced knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS, Flash and all of the other technologies that currently make up the Internet we know of today. But nowadays, thanks to some pretty clever programmers, anyone can create a web page with no prior technical knowledge required — apart from the fact you need to know how to use a mouse and a keyboard.

There are countless of these kinds of programs, from Squarespace to Webflow but today, I’m going to be looking at Virb, a service we first wrote about back in 2010. Since then, an awful lot has changed (we did look at it nearly 3 years ago!) so without further ado, let’s dive straight in and see what Virb has to offer.


When you want to create a website but have next to no technical knowledge, most people splash out money. A couple of thousand on a good design, a few hundred on some hosting and then there’s the cost of getting someone to maintain it for you. That’s money that would definitely be better off towards going to a good cause. If only there was something that would handle everything for a really good price.

Robots are expensive – enter, Virb. Doing everything you need at only a tiny fraction of the cost, Virb allows you to get a really nice functional website up and running in minutes. It’s also pretty cheap, too. Find out more after the fold.