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For years, experts have been telling us to customize our resumes and cover letters so that each one is unique to the employer, but that usually means we just rejigger our bullet points and change our opening paragraphs.

But in an economy mired with double-digit unemployment, candidates need to do more than revise their career objectives if they want to stand apart from the competition. Job seekers need to present themselves in a way that demonstrates creativity while also exhibiting a sense of professionalism.

Those with the technological skills to do so have long argued in favor of creating a personal webpage for each employer you’re looking to impress, something that would combine your LinkedIn profile page with the specific messaging and branding to catch the employer’s attention. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to build a website, nor do they have enough design sense to ensure that the website they do build presents them in a good light.

HelloThere aims to solve that problem.


Those of us who live on the web love technology. We revel in the power it gives us, the control over our environment is exciting and invigorating, isn’t it? Control over our media is a particularly sacred gift. We download, organize, archive and play our massive MP3 collections. We rip, sort, and catalog our favorite DVDs, building a personal library that’s playable across all manner of devices and platforms. But there’s one area of personal entertainment that we lovers of technology can’t quite wrestle down — Television.

See, the thing with television is that it’s the content that matters, not necessarily the technology. We’ve already figured out how to deal with generic video in its digital form, that’s not the issue — gaining access to the particular programming unique to television, that’s the issue. So what’s a geek to do?

How does one get to use all the best techno-tricks — time shifting, social media, an all-you-can-watch catalog — on the content of television? Hulu, that’s how.

Today we’re going to take a look at what Hulu can do, put it through its paces, explore it’s subscription option (Hulu Plus), and decide whether or not it lets us cut the cord on our monthly cable bill.


There’s a wealth of video editing applications available but the majority (and the best) are confined to native desktop apps and generally come with a high price tag. Even when wanting to create the simplest of movies or slideshows, these apps also hog system resources, which isn’t friendly to other processes you want to run.

Stupeflix is a browser-based, simple video editing utility. It’s strapline is “video production made easy”, which it is… to an extent. Stupeflix has two main utilities: Stupeflix Studio (the aforementioned video production utility) and Stupeflix TV (which allows one to create a web TV channel showing Twitter updates and Flickr images). The latter, for me, sounds the most impressive but since Stupeflix Studio has a larger feature set that will be the focus of this review.


It can be difficult to monetize videos that you put up or plan to put on the internet. If in doubt, just ask Google. They had a real tough time making money off video after sinking more than a billion dollars into acquiring YouTube. If there’s anyone in this universe who knows about internet advertising, it’s them—they practically invented it.

So how does a simpleton like you make some money off the cool gadget reviews, inspiring documentaries or anything that might entice the long tail? With Monetizer, which helps you charge customers for renting or downloading videos from your website.

Follow me after the break to see how Monetizer can help you make money from your videos.


Some time ago we took a look at VP Factory, an app that makes it a cinch to manage your videos, embeds and create a customized video player, among other things. Since that review, the VP Factory team has been hard at work adding features and making improvements.

So what new features and improvements does VP Factory bring to the table now? HTML5 players, modules for ads and analytics and more. Read on for more info. and to see why you should give this app a shot.

(more…) promises to give you a sexy, embeddable and customizable HTML5 video player for your website that will work in every major browser (and quite a few minor ones too). SublimeVideo is currently in beta, but it’s coming soon and we’ve got the scoop. Read on after the fold to learn how to use this fantastic web app.


You’ve probably heard about the HTML5 video hype relatively recently and the excitement over what is has to offer in comparison to Flash. That’s all great but not many people know what players or sites they can use to jump on the HTML5 video bandwagon.

I’ve rounded up 10 of the best sites that offer HTML5 video playback, embedding and/or customizable HTML5 video players. Read on and let us know what, if any, you use for HTML5 video!


There’s always that bit of a particular YouTube video that makes you laugh more than the rest and combined with a baby laughing hilariously and a 10 second clip of Rick Astley dancing, it would make for a pretty entertaining piece of film. If only there was a way to make this masterpiece without going through the painful task of acquiring video editing software and downloading the videos individually…

You guessed it – there is. With Dragontape, it’s suddenly a quick and painless process to mix your favourite YouTube videos into a piece of video artwork. Find out more about the app after the fold.


There is no denying that Facebook is making social connections and interactions incredibly easy. After reinventing the concept of social networking, Facebook has now become a platform and a global phenomenon paving way for millions of people across the globe to come together. Now that access to the internet is ubiquitous and bandwidth is cheap, video conferencing and chat usage is exponentially on the rise.

The problem with popular standalone video chat and conferencing apps is that you’ll have to have a separate account and you’ll have to invite your friends to come on board in order to engage in a meaningful conversation. However, when it comes to Facebook, where all our friends seems to be online all the time, video chat apps help bring single click access to your social network.

After the jump we have some of the nicest video chat and conferencing apps on the Facebook platform are taken for a spin. Join us.


We human beings have come almost a full circle in communicating with each other. From the paintings in caves during stone age, we have now come to communicating with images & combination of fast moving images (videos) in this modern age. When a picture speaks thousand words, it is only logical that videos speak about a few thousand more. Most importantly, when it comes to sharing memorable moments in life with loved ones, videos are indispensable.

Pixorial claims to have been created to liberate the world’s video – to empower people of all ages to share, create and connect with friends and family through video. With Pixorial, people can easily send, upload, edit, organize and share their video memories. Today, we are going to put their claim to test.


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