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I have a huge amount of respect for people who are video editors, as they spend countless hours sitting at the computer staring at the same set of videos over and over. I know I don’t have the patience or the desire to spend that much time on it. But, with all of the video that I take of my son and with proud grandparents that want to show off their grandchild, I have been doing my fair share of sitting in front of the computer doing this very process.

As much as I love using iMovie, I can definitely appreciate when an app practically does the video editing for you. That is Magisto in its simplest form: a web app that can take the videos you have and edit them for you to create a pretty cool looking movie. It honestly is like magic and it makes my job a breeze, and not only that, it makes me look like I actually know what I am doing when it comes to video editing. Let me show you around the app a little more to give you an idea of what it does.


Learning and teaching has changed dramatically over the last decade. Now there are ways to teach others without a student ever seeing a teacher’s face. Creating an infrastructure to house video lessons and maintaining servers are only something universities and large school systems can afford to do. With the latest web technology, you can easily host and set up entire online video learning libraries for online training and teaching. MediaCore is the web service hoping to effectively use the latest web technologies to allow you to teach online.

MediaCore is an online tool for video learning and is effective in education and business. MediaCore has a simplistic approach that will get your content up and available for your users to see, without very much effort. It also has readily available stats and customization tools. Is MediaCore right for you and your organization? Let’s get right into my review of MediaCore! (more…)

These days, it’s essential for visual artists of all disciplines to have an online presence so that their work can be found, followed and talked about in the industry. And there are indeed plenty of web apps one can use to create portfolio sites, with something for everyone and various feature sets. But what if you’re looking for something clean, elegant and easy to use, that lets your work do the talking?

The enthusiastic team behind believe they have the answer – their still-in-the-works app allows you to create stunning showcases of your art with minimal effort, while retaining the flexibility to be customized as much as you need. But how does it fare against the competition? Let’s give it a try and find out! (more…)

If you have kids, you can probably relate to my dilema of the fact that I have a ton of photos of my kid and not a convenient place to store them. There are many options out there, like putting them on an external drive, uploading to the cloud, burning them onto DVD’s. All of these options have good things about them and bad.

One solution that has always intrigued me is cloud storage for photos. The nice part about this solution is that you don’t have to worry about drives breaking or losing DVDs. It also saves you from having to worry about precious hard drive space on your computer. There are a variety of cloud services that you can use and I had the opportunity to test out one called ThisLife for the past couple of weeks. I have to say, I haven’t seen a cloud service like it and I was impressed.


Read it Later was a one of the original services for saving articles to read later offline, on your smartphone, tablet, or even from your browser. But, I never really liked it, and thought the service was just okay. That is, until they rebranded themselves and came out with a great new look and design. Read it Later was reborn as Pocket, a new way to read stuff later that was much more interesting than the old service.

There were many things that intrigued me about the revamped service, and I had to give it a try. The focus of this article will not be to compare what Read it Later was like to what Pocket is now, nor will it be about comparing it to other similar services like Instapaper. Instead, I want to soley focus on Pocket and what it has to offer. If you’ve never used a read later service, you might first want to check out our article about how they can boost your productivity by letting you read anytime, anywhere.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Hike Video App. The developer describes Hike Video App as an app that offers more than the average Facebook Video App: It’s the very first Video App for Facebook to support both YouTube and Vimeo. Installed in less than 30 seconds.

Display your complete video channel in a super sleek video gallery slider – not just 6 or 9. Lock your videos to non-fans. Show your videos in their true dimensions – without any black bars. Get started for free, and pro features start at $9.99/yr.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


More and more people are starting to move away from cable and use their computers and portable devices as means of watching television. I for one, have chosen to “cut the cord”, so to speak, and have never looked back. There are so many other cheaper alternatives out there for getting the information that I want and not having to pay as much as I would with cable.

Frequency is one of those web apps that can help fill the void of depending on cable all the time. Will it completely help me get away from cable? The short answer is no; but if you are looking for other ways to watch your media, it definitely does a good job in that area. Let me show you around to help you to see what I mean.


Videocasts can be a fun addition to any website, giving people a glimpse of what you’re like in front of the camera and promoting some face-to-eyes interaction. There are many different services to host your videos with, but today I’m going to show you how to get started with just one: Vimeo.

We’ll take a look at some of the basic features of Vimeo and also explore the added benefits of paying for a Vimeo Plus account. Let’s get started!

(more…) is a publishing platform which allows users to showcase their work in a streamlined portfolio format with no prior knowledge of coding or web design. Filling a void somewhere between Flickr and Blogger, Jux strives to set itself apart by being a publishing platform for creative professionals.

Users not only have the ability to quickly and easily post block quotes, articles, photos, videos, slideshows and top-10 countdowns, but also the tools to do so in a beautifully organized and fully intuitive gallery format. was launched just a few short months ago, but it is already demonstrating why good design and approachability can lead to a substantial following. The rest of this post will delve into Jux and discuss the many benefits it can bring to your creative ventures.


Back in the day, we were doing good to share text on the internet. Early chat and email strained networks, and even sharing a full eBook seemed like an audacious plan back when Project Gutenberg was first founded. Fast forward to today, however, most of us share pictures and videos online all the time. In fact, we get frustrated if it takes too long to upload our 14 megapixel images in RAW format.

In fact, we’ve got a selection of ways to share video. You can upload videos to the venerable YouTube, which has so many videos right now you can find almost any video (or music) you want on it. Or, you could choose the more artsy Vimeo, which has become my personal choice for sharing videos or finding an inspiring, creative work. Another great option, if your video is very short, is to just drag and drop it to your icon, and upload it directly with one click. It’s not as social, but sure gets the job done quicker than YouTube.

Truth is, though, you’re likely to want to share videos where the people you care about will actually see them. That’s why Facebook Videos have gotten more popular since they were added to Facebook. You can just upload a video right inside your social network, and all of your friends (or frenemies) will automatically see it without you having to share anything else.

So, what’s your favorite way to upload and share videos? What’s the main thing you’d look for in a video sharing site?

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