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Video calling is definitely the next step in communication, but for business, it’s a step too far. Or, at least in some instances. When I’m at home, the last thing I want is a complete stranger having a live video stream of my living room. Google see things differently and want to bring yoga lessons, home improvement advice and customer service right to your laptop with their new web app.

Its name? ‘Helpouts from Google‘.

The idea seems so revolutionary to Google that they think the service could rival ‘How To’ videos on YouTube or text based guides. Unfortunately, their shiny new offering has some fundamental flaws that could be off setting to many users. Lets take a look.


Last week when Google+ launched, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook was going to make a very exciting announcement this week. They recently held their conference and the announcement was indeed big news! On top of some really nice improvements to Facebook Chat, they announced a partnership with another online giant: Skype.

Keep reading to see a quick overview of the new Facebook features, and what they mean for the future of Facebook, Skype, and Skype’s new owner, Microsoft.


Chats are fun; video and audio chats, in particular, can help pass time and bond with your loved ones. All major chat platforms have built-in support for audio and video but most of them don’t support viewing and chatting with multiple people at the same time. Control over the crowd helps keep the conversation civil in a multi-person chatroom.

Tinychat provides browser based video chat rooms where you can broadcast from your camera and microphone to anyone who joins your chat room. Ready to find out how to create your own chatroom?


Many video chat apps, randomizing ones in particular, have come and gone in the past year. Among the bunch, Rounds came out with flying colors. The differentiating factor lies in the shared experiences people can create together on Video Chat Rounds. Using the different games and activities available on the platform, users are able to interact and share together, not just video chat.

Even after all the hype and hoopla over Chatroulette has vanished, there’s still a sizable audience for random video chats with strangers. After the break we’ll take a sneak peek at Rounds’ newest launch and the ground rules to make the most out of it.