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Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14th. People exchange tokens of love and affection with beloved fellows. Though people have mixed feelings when Valentine’s Day arrives. Some argue that it has become too commercialized while others believe that it should not be celebrated at all. Those in love want to celebrate their love with pride and glory. This is a special day to observe, which will honor the love of your partners.

Everyone may have their own plans to make Valentine’s Day special; you may intend to send flowers, cakes, cookies, sweets, hampers, and many more gifts but e-cards have their own uniqueness. There are ample choices to be selected from which are also much easier to send quickly.

We’ve rounded up the top ten free websites to send e-cards this Valentine’s.


Valentine’s day is nearly upon us and, like many, you may be short on ideas for gifts for that special someone; or maybe that special someone lives far away and shipping a physical item won’t arrive in time. You could send an e-card, or maybe send some money through Paypal, but those options just won’t do the job.

BoonSpace has you covered by combining one of the best e-card creators and sending money as a digital gift. You can show you still care with a unique and very personal e-card as well as a digital gift, in place of a physical one, that can be used to purchase whatever your special someone really wants. We’ll take a look at BoonSpace and how they can help out this Valentines.