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Have you ever wished you had a dashboard as cool as Panic’s Status Board or Cultured Code’s Arrivals board in your office? Whether you work in a startup, small creative firm, Fortune 500 enterprise, or as a freelancer, there are dozens of things about your business that need to be kept up with. Seeing the numbers and graphs of your sales, website hits, inbox, project deadlines, and more can be a very motivating thing. Plus, fancy status boards can be downright impressive when others visit your office.

Plenty of people have set out to design their own status boards, but this can be a daunting project, especially if you want to tie into all of the apps and services you use daily. That’s where Geckoboard comes in. It makes it quick and easy to create an impressive status board in seconds, so you can see your business vitals at a glance from a dedicated screen, your browser, iPad, or any other internet connected device.