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Facebook today announced that it has prepared a fresh and more focused News Feed for its users. The updated design will include the usual timelines, along with four new ones: All Friends, Photos, Music, and Following. With this upcoming redesign, the social network hopes to make your online experience much simpler — it wants to be the social nucleus that you’ve been waiting for.

With that promise, it has a chance to win back users who left over the privacy complications and overall clutter the site has gathered over time. Is this audacious overhaul enough? (more…)

If you’ve used computers for any length of time, you’ve surely been annoyed by updates. Right at the worst possible time, or so it usually seems, your computer will remind you that you need to install this latest update, or that you need to purchase an upgrade to make use of the latest and greatest features their dev team has cooked up.

Web apps avoid most of this frustration, since you’ll never have to manually install updates. All of the software is on a remote server, so you’ll just login and see the changes. Except, sometimes that can be frustrating. You’ve gotten used to how the menus and features work in an app, only to find it changed around the next day.

Some web app developers are going back the the more traditional upgrade route, adding small features over time but then coming out with fully new versions of their apps with more new features but a steeper learning curve. Basecamp is one of the more notable apps that’s had a fully new version released recently, but many web apps are taking that approach now.

Which do you prefer? Would you rather your web apps get minor tweaks that add up over time, or would you rather have all the major changes come at once with a fully new version of the web app? We’d love to here your thoughts in this week’s poll.