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Last week on Web.Appstorm we looked at Typeform, an app for creating forms. Forms are key to great user communication about everything from how your site should be structured to where you should be focusing your work. Typeform has completely reinvented the way online forms work, making the process of filling in forms fun.

David Okuniev is the product leaderĀ at Typeform, and has kindly given his time to talk to us. In this interview, David discusses the origins of Typeform as well as looking at what the future may hold for their team. Read on to see our conversation and learn how Typeform really came to be what it is today. Also, we’ve got some Typeform invites, so if you’d like to get one, keep reading to see how you can be one of the first to try it out.


It really shouldn’t be that hard to make a form to get feedback online. You just need a way to ask some questions, let people choose from multiple choice options and perhaps add their own feedback, and then let you easily get the data for your own analysis. There’s a ton of tools: Google Spreadsheets, Wufoo, Polldaddy, and more.

Plenty of them are decently easy to use to make forms, but usually they’re confusing and frustrating for users wanting to give feedback. On a computer, they’ll take a ton of back-and-forth between the mouse and keyboard to get the form filled out, and on mobile devices they can be maddeningly difficult to get filled out on a touch screen without tapping the wrong button.

Typeform, a new tool for creating online forms, might just be what we’ve been waiting for. It’s still in beta, but is far more interesting than any other online form tool we’ve ever seen. Here’s why.