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Tracking the success your social media campaign is no easy task and if you’re in a highly competitive vertical that demands you stay on top of your rival’s campaign, there are no simple solutions. Thanks to Wildfire we now have a one click solution to comparitively monitor the social media traction in two of the most popular platforms — Facebook and Twitter.

After the break, we’ll look at how to use the Wildfire Social Media Monitor to glean insights about the growth of your social media fan base on the leading social networks.


Twitter has become a really important platform for keeping people informed and that’s why many businesses and individuals use it. When you’re running a business with an online presence, especially with Twitter, it can often be easy to neglect this if you’re too busy focused on the actual business itself and it can make the account seem dormant and less likely to draw attention.

This is where Buffer comes in. Buffer is a uniquely simple app that provides users with a means of tweeting consistently, making the whole process of maintaining an online presence that extra bit more bearable. Find out more inside.


The world of webapps is filled with apps designed to help you manage projects, collaborate with your team, and keep your business running smoothly. Each app seems to have only part of the functionality you’d need to keep your team connected though, so before you know it you’ll end up using a dozen apps. The worst part is, the cost of all these services together can be prohibitive.

That’s where WordPress’ P2 collaboration solution comes in. It’s a free theme for WordPress that lets your team stay in touch with Twitter or Yammer style short messages and makes a great solution for discussions or just letting everyone know what you’re working on. It was designed by the Automattic team to help them stay in touch better while developing WordPress and their other tools.

While at the core it’s still the famous WordPress blogging engine, you’ll usually never see the WordPress dashboard. You can even get it running on a hosted blog in seconds without messing with databases or .htaccess files. Let’s take a look at what P2 has to offer and how your team can use it to stay in touch on the cheap.


There’s a wealth of video editing applications available but the majority (and the best) are confined to native desktop apps and generally come with a high price tag. Even when wanting to create the simplest of movies or slideshows, these apps also hog system resources, which isn’t friendly to other processes you want to run.

Stupeflix is a browser-based, simple video editing utility. It’s strapline is “video production made easy”, which it is… to an extent. Stupeflix has two main utilities: Stupeflix Studio (the aforementioned video production utility) and Stupeflix TV (which allows one to create a web TV channel showing Twitter updates and Flickr images). The latter, for me, sounds the most impressive but since Stupeflix Studio has a larger feature set that will be the focus of this review.


Whether you’re a company taking advantage of the social internet to get your customer’s opinions or you’re just curious about your fellow users’ opinions on a specific topic, polls really can get people talking. There are many poll apps out there but some of these take ages to create an account and get the poll set up, sometimes raising doubts about whether it’s even worth it.

This is where TwittaPolls comes in. It allows you to easily and quickly create polls that can be shared with friends via Twitter and Facebook. Find out more after the fold.


I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I love the concept and use the service multiple times a day. I hate the fact that the core web app is so feature deficient. Compared to the hole filling third party Twitter apps and clients, Twitter on the web is pretty depressing. I use Twitter for consuming news, communicating with people and watching trends 24×7 using various iPhone apps, Hootsuite and up until this review I’ve not bothered to login to the web app.

Without third party apps, Twitter could not have become the phenomenon it is today. The usually nonchalant Twitter team finally rolled out a bunch changes to the bland web app last week amidst much hype. So is the new Twitter going to bring users back to the web app?

The short is answer is “No.” To know why, follow me after the fold.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting TwitHawk. The developer has described TwitHawk as a real time target marketing engine that will find people talking on Twitter now by your chosen topic and location, allowing you to really hit your target mid conversation with ease.

It will periodically search twitter for you and either auto-reply or generate a list of matches for you to respond to or reject from your TwitHawk account. Stats included to help monitor campaigns.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Twitter recently released official tweet buttons to make it easier for content publishers to make it easy for their readers to tweet content they’re viewing. In addition to easier visitor tweeting, it’s easy to view the tweet count for that given content.

Let’s take a look at how to use Twitter’s new tweet buttons and how it can be integrated with third-party services like


Twitter has largely remained the same since launch particularly doing nothing when it comes to pulling & aggregating data from your tweet stream, one among the two most important social streams online (the other being Facebook).

Twoolr pitches in to fill one of the hundreds of “holes” in the Twitter platform by providing usable data and graphics of our social network voyage.


Remember when MySpace was number one? Then Facebook passed it by, and the world began more or less forgetting about the service. Today while using Google Trends to look at some different URLs I thought I’d see how far MySpace has fallen. It turns out that Twitter has now also passed it by. In fact looking around the web you can almost see a changing of the guard happening with sites that were massively popular a few years ago losing ground to younger upstarts like Twitter, Tumblr and Twitpic. Here are a few interesting trends snapshots: (more…)

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