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The web is a brilliant place for learning new things and finding out information on any topic you wish. If you want to learn something you merely have to search for it online and you’ll more than likely find a guide on how to do it, within seconds, never mind minutes. Somethings require practice though. Just for an example lets take riding a bike, yes sure you can read a guide online covering the steps, though to be truly able to say you can ride a bike its recommended to actually get up on a bike and have a go!

Its the same with Vim. Vim is a text editor used most in Unix-based operating systems, and at first glance it looks to be something that should have been forgotten about in the computing world, long ago. Even after some time and effort trying to use Vim, its learning curve may still seem incredibly steep. Reading books or guides on something like this might help you find your way around, or at even give you a glimpse of why Vim is still so useful today, but as with reading about how to ride a bike will only get you so far. You need to jump in and go for a ride with it, so to speak. Today we’re going to see how you can do that with Open Vim –  a web app with the sole purpose of teaching you how to use Vim.


I’m incredibly excited to let you know about the latest addition to the ever-expanding Tuts+ networkWptuts+! Focusing on everything WordPress, the site will be bringing you top-notch tutorials on developing WordPress themes, plugins and widgets, scaling your site, the business of selling WordPress themes, and general advice on how to become an expert at using the platform!

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn more about WordPress (but never known where to start), or are a seasoned expert looking for advanced tips and tricks, Wptuts+ has you covered. Read on to find out more, meet our expert editor, and hear about how to win $1,000+ of WordPress goodies!