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Anyone who has ever had to search for a flight online can understand the agony that often goes into such a search. Whether it’s a lack of flights that fit your itinerary or having to search through fifty pages of results, online flight searches are often cumbersome at best. Luckily, Hipmunk was created as a way for users to have a significantly easier time searching for flights that fit their needs.

Hipmunk is an app that allows users to search for flights, much like any of the other flight search website out there. Hipmunk, however, brings a clean user interface and a very unique method of search. Read on to learn more about the ease of use that Hipmunk provides as well as what it’s good for and not so good for.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Touristlink. The developer describes Touristlink as a social site for travelers that provides a totally new way to find and book services online.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


If you do a lot of traveling, you’re no doubt familiar with services like Kayak and Hipmunk that let you quickly and painlessly book flights on the cheap. This past Tuesday, Google threw it’s hat into yet another ring with a relatively quiet launch of Google Flight Search.

Built right into the search engine (as many Google apps are), Flight Search lets you search using standard terms like “flights from Cincinnati to San Francisco” to access a customizable list of flight results. But how does it stack up to the tried and true competitors in the realm of flight search engines?


For most of us, we spend more on gas over time than we do on many other individual things. With soaring gas prices and an increasing focus on environmentally friendliness today, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on how many miles your car is getting per gallon and what you’re spending on gas. We often just fill up and forget about it, but with more info you’d be better informed about what your car is really costing you.

Fillrr is a freemium webapp that helps take the pain out of keeping up with your gas mileage and price. Depending on your account, you can keep up with your gas usage from your browser or via text message. Then you’ll get to see your average MPG over time and compare your results with others. Let’s take a look and see if this app can make it easier to keep up with your car’s gas usage.


Trips and tours are awesome, but planning them isn’t. Yes, you can leave it to a travel agency to book you on a package tour and skip all the hassles of planning a trip but, package tours are just that – packages. They’re not customized to your taste as the agency has to satisfy the rest of the group too.

Wanderfly promises to expose you the true joy and thrill of travel, planning everything all by yourself, right from the very beginning. After jump, we will be exploring how far does Wanderfly measure up to making good on the promise.