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To best serve your website’s audience, you need to understand them as best you can. The best way to do that? Analytics. There’s a few ways to track your website’s traffic, though Google Analytics is probably the most popular due to its price — free.

However, Google Analytics has several important features missing that other analytics providers offer; namely real-time stats and heatmaps. Reinvigorate is one of those providers, which we’ll take a look at today.

The Reinvigorate team has also generously offered a sweet promotion for our readers, so be sure to take a look!


Just as the title says, Clientr is a super simple app for tracking clients and your deals (projects) with them. In addition to that, Clientr is rocking a very sexy Mac-like interface that I love seeing in web apps. Read on to see what we think of the app and how it could help you track your clients and their projects.


Any software project is going to need issue and bug tracking. The bigger the project, the more the developers and the larger the userbase, the more critical it gets to keep tabs on what issues are outstanding, what features are in the pipeline, what schedules you are keeping and what is urgent. (more…)

Keeping tabs on your employees or co-workers is no easy task. In most work places, in-out monitoring is done using a whiteboard & marker which has to be updated by hand or a clunky desktop app that does not allow everyone to access the status board. Tabzon is placed comfortably in between the two, being centrally editable and extremely collaborative. The app is minimal without feature creep, however, is it powerful enough to be a whiteboard replacement?


Have you ever taken a trip to see friends or family and during the trip you’re called several times being asked, “Hey, where are you at? Are you close?” Or maybe you’re taking a solo trip and you would like people to know your last recorded location in the event the unthinkable happens. The potential uses for real-time phone GPS tracking is plentiful but the solutions, unfortunately, aren’t.

With InstaMapper you can track a GPS enabled device, such as iPhone, Android or BlackBerry in real-time, integrated with Google Maps, for Free. Then share or embed your device tracking map and information with friends, family or maybe even your boss to keep everyone updated on your location.

In this how-to I’ll show you how to setup InstaMapper and even embed your tracking map in a custom page.


We recently reviewed real-time analytics provider, Clicky; which had a very positive review and is quite an exciting service. Last week we announced the giveaway of three, free for life, Clicky Pro accounts. Read on to see who the winners are or if you were one of them.


One of the most popular web analytics apps available right now is Google Analytics. While it has a powerful collection of features and capabilities, one of the features I wish it had most is live tracking. While I do care what happened yesterday, last week and during the month; I often times want to see what’s happening right now. I generally use to track link traffic live, but that’s not a real solution.

Clicky, however, is a real solution; providing real-time analytics for your site. Real-time tracking could even be considered just the icing on the cake, considering Clicky offers enough additional features and options to make the competition hang their heads in shame. I’ll take a look at Clicky, it’s features and why it’s used by sites like Smashing Magazine and Mashable.


It’s nearly 2010 and, like many, you’ve probably set one or more New Year’s resolutions. A popular resolution for millions of people each year, is to drop a few pounds and get a little more fit. Like a large percentage of people who set out to do this, going about it in the wrong way could lead to failure.

Accountability is a great way to stay on track and meet your goals. That’s where DailyBurn comes in — to help you monitor, track and meet your fitness, and even nutrition, goals. Believe me when I say, graphs can be a powerful tool for motivation and a centralized location for exercise and nutritional information can make the difference between reaching your goals or failing miserably. DailyBurn takes care of all this and offers a lot more.

Today we’ll take a look at DailyBurn’s offerings and how you can use them to reach a successful New Year’s fitness resolution and more.


Last week I talked a bit about how the web has changed and the rise of self-publishing. Another trend on the web that has gained momentum the last couple of years is personal data tracking. People from all walks of life are jumping on the concept of documenting certain aspects of their lives. And when the web is involved, it’s not enough to document, but people want to share that data as well.


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