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Time tracking apps are among the most predictable apps. They’re all designed to keep track of the time you’ve worked on your projects so you’re fair to both your clients and yourself. Then, the apps typically let you turn your timesheets into invoices, and perhaps track time on the go. Boring, but necessary.

And then there’s the new Timely. I’m pretty certain you’ve never seen a time tracking app like this. It’s the one time tracking app that you’ll actually want to use, it looks so nice. Plus, it’s simpler than most to use, thanks to its drag-and-drop calendar (apparently a popular new trend).


You need to keep track of the time you spend working. You know you do, but you don’t simply because it’s too difficult to keep up with. You need a simple way to keep track of the time you and your team spend working, and that’s exactly what Timely, our sponsor this week, is designed to do.

Timely is a beautifully designed time tracking app that’s intuative and simple. You’ll be able to track the time you spend working with no fuss from your browser or its iPhone app. Whether you’re working on your own projects, or collaborating on projects across your whole company, Timely makes keeping track of the time spent on everything simple.

When it comes time to make your reports at the end of the month, Timely’s right there to make things easier. You can use it to make customizable reports on how long everyone on the team worked, either all together or in individual projects. Then, you can take the data to your other apps easily with CSV export. It’s everything you need to keep track of your team’s time and put that data to work.

We gave Timely a 9/10 in our recent review, and we think you’ll like it if you give it a try.

Start Tracking Your Time with Timely!

Ready to start tracking your time? You can signup for a free Timely account to give it a month trial, then you can keep tracking your time starting at $10/month for solo users or $25+/month as a team. With the time you save and track, it just might pay for itself!

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If you’re looking to reach an audience with your online communication, there can be no better platform than one of the social giants, Twitter. However, there can be times where your tweet doesn’t seem to have garnered any interest – not because it’s not interesting, but because it was poorly-timed. After all, you could be tweeting one of the most interesting messages in the world but if your target audience is asleep, they’re probably not going to see it when it’s most relevant.

Timely’s here to fix that. It ensures that your tweets are sent out there when they’ll have the highest impact. Read on to find out more.