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You started your business to do what you love, but instead, you end up spending a good portion of your time getting your client’s appointments scheduled correctly and following up with them. Sound familiar? Then it sounds like you need to start using BookerLooker.

BookerLooker is a new appointment management app that’s designed to make scheduling appointments easy for you and your clients. It’s got a beautiful calendar that makes keeping up with your schedule simple, with your client’s names and pictures prominently displayed near their appointments. Your clients will find it equally simple, with your online booking system that’s ready for them to use anytime — and that’s even integrated into Facebook, so they can schedule services directly from your Facebook page and pay online via PayPal. They’ll even get automatic text message and email reminders from BookerLooker so they won’t forget their appointments.


Then, BookerLooker will help you provide the best services for your customers, by automatically keeping track of everyone who’s booked an appointment, along with info about their preferences and more. It can automatically send Happy Birthday messages to your past customers, and you can use it to promote upcoming sales and more. With support for 7 languages, great customer support, and more, it’s the booking app you need.

Try BookerLooker Today!

Ready to simplify your appointment scheduling? Then go start a free 30 day BookerLooker trial and see how it can help out your team. With plans starting at just $15/month, it’ll easily pay for itself as it frees you up from having to worry about appointments and helps you focus on doing your best work.

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Calendar apps can often be confusing, and with so much of our lives tracked in social networking apps like Facebook, they’re rarely complete. Monday is the answer to that issue that you’ve got to try. It’s a clean and elegant calendar app where you can create appointments, manage tasks, and track social events within a beautiful interface. It’s beautiful, simple, and convenient — qualities that most calendar apps lack or overdo.

Monday has certainly delivered more than just good first impressions. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and I can say that it’s made scheduling and task management a delight. Though you need an invitation to access Monday, its feature set and the overall pleasant user experience makes the wait worthwhile. Let’s take a look and see why you should give it a try.

It’s amazing to me that something as simple as invoicing is so time-consuming. What should take just a couple clicks here and there invariably takes four, five, sometimes six or more just to add a payee or edit working hours. I’ve resorted to creating every invoice of mine in Apple’s Pages app, which allows me to create invoices based off my standard template.

But there’s far more sophisticated software out there for invoicing and expenses that could help me keep track of my work much more easily, and I’m aware of that fact. Recently, I took Nutcache — a free web app for invoices and expenses — out for a spin to see if it would suit my needs. Read on for my detailed thoughts about the services.


Currently, one of the most imperative skills we need to work on is time management. Tracking the amount of time you spent on different tasks can be as difficult as the task itself. If you do not know how many hours you have worked on a specific project, it creates problems when you have to invoice your clients. It becomes even more difficult when you are working as a remote team. What do you do in such a situation? If you search the internet, there are hundreds of time management applications that help you become more prolific. But the problem with the majority of the applications is that some of them are too expensive while others are difficult to use and requires time to get used to the interface. If you are looking for an efficient time tracking application, I would suggest you to give the application called “Timely” a try.
Timely is a very simple and easy to use application that helps you track your billable hours and tells you how much money you have made during the month. The application has user friendly interface that makes logging hours spent on different projects one click away.


There are plenty of types of services that you can offer your clients that result in the need to schedule appointments. Anyone who has had to spend a lot of time organizing these appointments knows what a headache it can be.

But this is one area where web 2.0 has attempted to make things easier. Setster is one such tool.