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Task management applications are pretty popular as we crave to organise our lives by putting them online. Our days are crammed full of things to do – business, personal and pleasure – but a lot of the time we have wider, long term projects in the pipeline. You might be planning a vacation, or working on a project at work. In these cases, today’s application might come in very helpful!

I can vouch for the usefulness of today’s review. I’ve been in the position of developing or working on a project, and actually strung together my own percentage calculator to work out the progress of the work. It’s great to visually see how far you are from completion.

Beneath a simple interface is a simple web application that’s called TidyLists. TidyLists might be simple, but it’s sweet enough to actually add some function and be useful in whatever tasks you are planning. Add tasks, check them off and then check your progress. That’s the basic idea behind TidyLists.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting TidyLists. The developer describes TidyLists as a web application that allows you to manage all of your to do lists in one simple location. With TidyLists, there’s no learning curve involved. You’ll be able to use TidyLists right away without having to spend any time learning how to use it.

Read on for more information and screenshots!