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Consumer support can be messy. It can make or break an organization. Customers come running to you at the first sign of trouble. They’ll email you with complaints, and bug you with reminders. If you hope to run a successful business you’d need answer all their concerns, rather quickly, however trivial they’re, and make customers understand that you care. But as you grow, so does the number of emails you receive, and it gets incredibly difficult to keep track of all of them.

With this in mind developers have floated the web with several help desk solutions, each promising to be different from the other. But in reality most of them were mere copycats, wrapped up in a different style sheet. I was looking at a maze of apps, trying to choose the one that’d alleviate me of all this pain and I stumbled upon FreshDesk. Is it the answer to everything I need in a support system? Join me after the jump to find out.


Customer support is a core part of business, and good customer support can be a fundamental way to keep customers loyal. Take a company like Apple, for instance. Their customer service is chiefly thought of to be top notch, and for many, that alone can justify higher prices and keep customers returning to buy more. Technical support usually has never really had a good image, to the point that it’s mocked on national TV and being a frustration to many.

Of course, you don’t want that image reflected in your own business. With so many companies doing tech support wrong, doing it right can be a big selling point for your company and can make you stand apart from your competitors. It might be time to find a good customer support system, and Ticksy might just be that. Ticksy is a bloat-free customer support managed that even features integration without our very own Envato marketplaces. Even the smallest personal business needs to handle customer support, so lets take a look and see how Ticksy fits the bill.