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Great customer support could be the difference between customers coming to your business or choosing a competitor. Everyone that is willingly paying their hard-earned cash wants to at least know that the business providing the service they require is at least willing to do their best to resolve any issues or queries they may have.

This is where SupportFu comes in. With other support apps, the user is immediately thrown into the confinements of using a ticket app when all they want to do is get a straightforward answer. SupportFu addresses this issue and provides an interface for support teams to communicate with their users without causing any inconvenience for them by making them leave their email.


You know how Rock stars and bands make so much money? By way of concerts. And how do blogging networks and technology companies earn a huge chunk of their profits on the side? Conferences. Events, if done right, can be a very profitable cash cow to its organizers. Oh yeah, and they help bring like minded people together.

Immediately after choosing a venue, the next logical step is to handle event registrations and payments. Today we’ll take a look at Eventzilla, which promises to help you get more attendees for your events.