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Since the advent of social networks such as Facebook, we’ve all pretty much had a second persona and an online hangout spot where you can trade messages, secrets, photos or just general chit-chat with pretty much anyone. It doesn’t stop there either: sites such as Virtual Life and Habbo have even tried to create virtual worlds where you create an avatar and go exploring to meet new people. Who’d have thought that was possible when the internet came around?

If you’re on the hunt for somewhere new to hang out online besides Facebook and that ageing MySpace profile you created several years ago, then Anybeat is a great place to start. It is designed as an online community where you can interact with people either near to where you live or from around the world. Will it replace Facebook or Twitter? Most certainly not. But if you want to share ideas and chat to some interesting people then it is certainly worth a look.

Let’s delve deeper into Anybeat and see what it has to offer.