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ThemeForest authors are always working hard at producing amazing themes, designs and templates, so it’s easy to miss all the fantastic new items coming through every day. I’ve rounded up 58 killer new themes and templates from ThemeForest for WordPress, HTML/CSS, PSD, Mobile, Email & Newsletter, Joomla and Magento. Check’em out!


Of the many photo storage and sharing sites out there, few offer built in theming options and even fewer offer options for users novice to expert. For those looking to do more with their photos, this is an important feature to have available.

SmugMug, one of the best sites for storing, sharing and selling your photos, offers not only pre-built themes but options to easily customize your galleries and even expert options for custom coding. This how-to will walk through the customization process for both novice and expert users. Also, enter for your chance to win a SmugMug Pro account, worth $150!


We all want our stuff to look good, right? For those more serious about Twitter, such as businesses and social media guru’s, the appearance of their Twitter profile is a key element to their success. It’s not just the pros that get to have great looking Twitter designs though! There are plenty of amazing custom backgrounds and apps available to give your Twitter profile a face-lift.

We’ve gathered ten great sites to get custom Twitter backgrounds and even full themes. Some are free, some may cost a bit, but they’re all great and have something fantastic to offer to spice up your Twitter profile page.