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Task managers have become essential tools in taking control of multiple projects and maintaining a successful workflow. Every task manager (or project management software as its generally known at a business level) will come equipped with basic features such as scheduling and mobile integration, but finding the perfect solution which fits your specific business needs is often a difficult and time consuming task.

Hopefully our list of the 10 best web-based task management apps will help in your search, if you haven’t already found yours.


It’s always assumed that 37signals’ Basecamp is the father of all project management apps. As such, it’s only natural for new apps that tackle the task to sprout up around the web, all hoping for a chance at taking the title. Whether it be creating an incredible interface to challenge that of its rivals or making the move of offering access to the app for incredibly cheap (or even free), these apps all try and bring something new to the table.

One such app that presents an incredible simplistic approach to project management is named Blimp. (more…)

If you take a look at a sample range of web apps out there nowadays, I bet your bottom dollar that around 80-90% of those will highlight collaboration as one of their key features. And why not? We’re past the times of constant e-mailing back and forth and endless meetings to get stuff done. Now we want to log onto the Net and share our ideas with our teammates there, not in meetings on a big whiteboard.

Of course there are plenty of different ways to do this, and today we’re going to have a good look at Comindware Tracker, another solution to help both you and your team work together and manage your time more effectively. Let’s get started straight away.


Every day, lots of new websites and apps are popping up around the internet with one sole purpose: to help the everyday person of today manage the things they need to do. These are often generally carbon copies of each other and by there being so many variations of the simple to-do app, it can be confusing for most of us to know which one to use.

A new contender in this field is Pegby. It takes its own unique stance on getting stuff done and offers a radically different type of system than has been seen in most other GTD apps that grace the internet. You can read on to find out more about this exciting app!


I’ve never really been happy with the task management apps I’ve tried. There were always features missing, a less than ideal design, over complicated, too simple and so on. I’ve been jumping from app to app for as long as I can remember and somehow I always end up with a desk littered in bright yellow sticky notes, covered in lists of tasks, notes and all sorts of info.

I recently spent yet more time using some of the most popular task management apps in an effort to find “the one.” While there are many out there I like, only two really fit my tastes and needs — Producteev and Flow. Between those two, I decided on Flow (after using both) and I couldn’t be happier with Flow.

I’ll take a look at Flow, by MetaLab, and why I think I’ve found “the one” task management app for me.


There’s quite a few project collaboration and task management apps out there, all in varying ranges of features. These days it’s less about how many features the app has and more about its usability and interface design. Features? They’re all packed with features. But a sexy design and great usability? Well, that’s much more subjective and for each of us to decide for ourselves.

Scadaplan is a task management and project collaboration app that appears to do more with less, utilizing a solid modern interface that’s easy to use and looks great. Let’s take a look through the app and see what it’s worth.


There’s about a billion task management apps available and we’ve reviewed quite a few. There’s so many available though, we want to hear from you — which task management app (or apps) do you use? We’ll list a few that we’ve reviewed in the poll, but if you don’t use any of those, just submit the name of the one you do use or leave a comment below.

We’ll use these poll results to put together a comparison between the most popular task management web apps with a bird’s eye view on aspects such as pricing, features and platform compatibility.

Make sure your suggestion(s) are for task management web apps rather than strictly project management apps. They’re similar but we’re looking for apps with a focus on task management. Thanks!

If you’re anything like me, you have a whole lot of online accounts to manage. Between Facebook, Twitter, my blog, Delicious, and various RSS feeds I check, it can be hard to manage. I like to share links everywhere, which can get a bit repetative if I want to post on several accounts. I also like to stay informed as easily as possible. Luckily, a new web app called ifttt plans to quell those woes.


Since the dawning of time, people have had things to do. And once those things to do out-numbered their ability to remember them, they started inventing ways to keep track of them. With each new leap of technology, people found new and ingenious ways to keep lists of all the things they needed to do. The Internet is the hight of technology today, so naturally we’re going to try to leverage it’s power and awesomeness to help us get things done — or at least keep track of all the things we have to get done.

Because the concept of a to-do list is nothing new, there’s no shortage of to-do lists in web app form. Today, though, we’re going to take a look at one of the newer kids on the block — TeuxDeux. We’re going to see what makes TeuxDeux different, what it’s capable of, and how you can use it today.


There are plenty of project management apps out there and while some are great because they have plenty of features, it’s obvious that some are going to be better at performing certain tasks than others. Because of this, many people can be left app-hopping when they need to do something that a certain app can’t. In some cases, there are even apps dedicated to a specific task that can be a lot better than the all-in-one apps and for the app-hoppers out there, they are well-worth checking out.

Freckle is one of these. Freckle is a web app dedicated to the task of tracking and managing time and can be especially useful for those who wish to complete the task with minimal effort. Find out more about Freckle inside the article.


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