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I’m a procrastinator. I often put things off to the point where I just forget what needs to be done. As a regular reviewer here at AppStorm, it’s no surprise that I’ve reviewed many task management apps, and you’d think that my solution lies there. However, I’ve really struggled to find one that works for me. Some of them are too bloated and crammed with features that I’m never going to use, some seem perfect until I go to use them and realise that the amount of JavaScript crammed into the interface makes it near-impossible to use.

One contender attempting to shake up the world of task management is TaskUp — a sophisticated app that ensures that task management becomes simple again. Read on to find out more! (more…)

If you’re a frequent Evernote user, then you’ll know that it’s not really big on notification features. In fact, making To-Do’s and lists in Evernote is easy – but the hard part is getting them done. Often times, you need to open the app once or twice a day just to be reminded of things you need to do.

With a web app like Evernotify, you can now receive e-mail notifications of tasks you have saved in Evernote. Here’s how:


It’s no lie that there are plenty of project management apps out there. However, most of these are targeted at businesses and while this is completely understandable as these are the core user base for this type of productivity app, some of them can seem a little bloated for the everyday user who just wants to get productive with their friends or smaller organisation.

If you’re part of this sector and are interested in an app that can do this for you, a nifty app called Groopt may be right up your street.


Managing a group is almost always a nightmare, and it doesn’t help if you’re stuck using a low-quality web app to delegate tasks. Whether you’re creating the next best-selling mobile game, coordinating a rebranding exercise or putting together a yard sale, it’s important to be able to communicate clearly and oversee everyone’s work with ease.

Tracky is a fresh take on collaborative task management to help you with projects just like these. The app is beautifully designed and suitable for personal and commercial use. It also works great with your social networks. Let’s sign up and see how quickly we can get things done.


When it comes to writing, the hardest part for me is getting new ideas for articles. I used to just hope I’d remember them long enough to either start writing about them when I had the chance or write down the idea itself in a list. That’s when I started using Wunderlist to manage my writing ideas, but I soon stopped using it since the developers didn’t update the apps with the bug fixes that it needed so badly.

Then one day I had nothing to do and I stumbled upon Simplenote, a note-taking service that’s name pretty much explains itself. You’ve definitely heard of it before, so I’m not going to give you a tour of what it’s able to do, but rather tell you why I like it. In addition, I use Wunderkit (developed by the same people as Wunderlist, but far better) to manage my tasks. I’ll also be giving some thoughts on that in this article, so keep reading for some reasons why you should use these two services to organize your ideas. (more…)

It’s no secret that we here at AppStorm come across a bunch of new project management apps on a regular basis. There’s so many project management web apps, but then again, there’s so many ways of tackling project management and to-do lists that it’s hard to classify them all together. Because of this, it can be hard to find the best ones that aren’t just carbon copies of other popular apps already out there.

Some task and project management apps provide ways of making task management as simple as possible, others pack in a lot of features, and the one I’m looking at today provides a unique twist by defining the most relevant tasks for the day ahead. Enter, GoalStacker.


Being in the business of developing apps is not a walk in the park. Thanks to excellent open source frameworks and mushrooming tech incubators, though, it doesn’t take much for a developer to turn an entrepreneur. And if you look at the task management domain, there probably is a new app releasing every other week.

I’ve always wanted to pick the brains of a team developing a task management app and thankfully, I got the opportunity to interact with Ilan Abehassera of Producteev. I reviewed Producteev way back in 2010 and since then, they have come a long way, establishing themselves as a company that keeps innovating.

After the break, you’ll get a sneak peek at the working of one of the pioneers of the task management domain and what keeps them going. Have fun!


It’s great that there’s a spectrum of task management web apps to help you get things done. Each of them offers a different approach and interface, so you can choose from a wide variety to find the app that works best for you. After all, everybody has their own way of working through their tasks and projects.

FacileThings is one of the new kids on the block and presents a fresh take on the GTD app category – it’s not just a to-do list. Developed by a dedicated team in Spain, FacileThings urges you to think about all the things you need to get done, organize and prioritize it all and then work through your tasks efficiently and effectively. If your time management has been completely out of whack and you’re looking to get a grip on things, this might be the way to do it. Let’s try it out, shall we? (more…)

It seems like every week we review a new task management/to-do list app here at AppStorm, and it’s easy to see why – everybody has trouble getting things done. And it’s no secret that things get even messier when you’ve to collaborate with people on tasks, whether it’s a software development project or planning a party. Does 2012 hold the answer to our productivity problems? You’ll have to try Sandglaz to find out.

In the sea of task management apps, Sandglaz prides itself on being the one you’ll use the least – and that’s a good thing. Foregoing a heavy interface, focusing on reduced time creating lists and yet not scrimping on features, this is an app that you can use for personal tasks, work projects or group activities.

There’s a free version as well as paid versions for individuals and teams. Most of you are probably already using a similar app – should you make the switch? Let’s take Sandglaz for a spin first.


Last year, we saw the rise of a startup company that began with the simple idea that everyone needs a way to remember, organize, and prioritize what they want to get done. They took that idea, and built an app called Wunderlist that was both beautiful and functional. However, the company, 6Wunderkinder, knew that they could take that idea a step further, and began to work on a bigger product: Wunderkit.

Wunderkit has been carefully designed by the team at 6Wunderkinder, and over the past year as they’ve released updates to Wunderlist, they’ve also been working away at designing Wunderkit. It’s finally in private beta, and we’ve been able to get in and try out out. Keep reading to see our first impressions of Wunderkit.


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