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Providing great customer service can make all the difference in creating a brand that people trust. There are plenty of examples of great customer service out there, from the supermarket who took advice about their bread from a three-year-old, to the LEGO employee who delighted a seven-year-old boy who lost a minifigure by writing a cool personalized letter.

As a company, your support system is the first step to delighting your customers, or at the very least, solving problems they have with your products. If you’ve ever tried using plain old email for customer support, you’ll know how quickly it can get out of control. A far better solution is to use one of the many support and help desk apps around. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten customer support apps to browse and consider:


Having trouble keeping up with your company’s support needs? It can be overwhelming to manage support for multiple products and divisions of the same company, and even more confusing if you’re running support for several companies at once. That’s why you need Vision Helpdesk.

Vision Helpdesk is the support app that lets you manage support for multiple companies in one place. All of your staff can login at the same staff portal, and each company can have its own client portal — and you can manage them all together. It integrates with all of your companies’ email and social media accounts, and even gives you live chat and phone support integration.

You can automatically organize tickets with custom rules, make support centers so customers can help themselves, and even let your staff communicate internally with Blabby, Vision Helpdesk’s built-in social network. You can even integrate your Vision Helpdesk with over 180 web apps through Zapier, and support your customers on the go with Vision Helpdesk’s mobile apps. It’s everything you need for the perfect support setup.

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Best of all, it’s Cyber Monday, so you can switch to Vision Helpdesk today and save even more! You can run Vision Helpdesk in the cloud starting at just $24/month, or download and run it on your own server for 30% off its normal price with the coupon code 30promo.

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Giving your customers great support can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Mojo Helpdesk, our sponsor this week, has a brand new Help Center tool that makes sure you’ll get less support tickets than ever — while still giving your customers the best support possible.

Mojo Helpdesk’s new Help Center gives you an easy way to let your customers support themselves. They can easily search through your knowledge base to find answers to any questions they may have, and then send you a support ticket if they still need help. And if they do need more help, your support team will easily be able to keep up with all your support tickets and more right from Mojo Helpdesk.


From the team that makes the acclaimed Das Keyboard, the Mojo Helpdesk team is focused on helping people be productive. You’ll find that same dedication to solid functionality and performance in Mojo Helpdesk. You can customize your help center to look just like you want, and fully integrate it with Google Apps and email to keep your team productive in the apps they already use. You can even use its API to add support for Mojo Helpdesk to your own apps. It’s got everything you need to give your customers the stellar support they deserve.

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Ready to get a better helpdesk for your team? You can try out Mojo Helpdesk for free for 30 days, then continue giving your customers the great help desk experience they deserve starting at $24/month — a small price for all the support features it’ll give your team.

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Need a robust support system to help your customers? Cueburst is a self-hosted support system that’s recently been relaunched with new features, and it’s better than ever. You can use it to support your customers, help people find their own answers with a knowledge base, tweak everything about the system to fit your branding, and so much more.

Cueburst usually costs $9.95 per month, but we’ve got one lifetime license for our readers. All you’ll need to do to enter is leave a comment below, letting us know what you’ll be using Cueburst for if you win. Then, you can get an extra entry by sharing this giveaway on your favorite social network, and then leave a comment below with a link to your post.

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Our sponsor this week is Mojo Helpdesk. Manage a helpdesk? Struggling to centralize, organize, and assign support requests? Get your mojo back by trying Mojo Helpdesk for free today.

You’ll find it easier to manage your support tickets with the simplicity of a helpdesk app designed with a “Google-y” interface. You can sign-in with your Google Apps account and integrate it with your Gmail and Drive workflow. You can even integrate it with Chrome with the Mojo Helpdesk Launcher. Best of all, you can manage tickets directly from your inbox with Mojo’s clever email integration. You’ll never lose track of another ticket again, since Mojo’s text-based search tool will help you find everything you need. Now if we could only teach it to find the remote.

If it’s the little things that matter, Mojo Helpdesk has plenty of those, too. You can use your own domain name for your online support center. Everything will be kept secure with SSL and 256-bit data encryption, along with Google’s own account security options for your single sign-on. Mojo Helpdesk has a built-in tool to track response time and user satisfaction, and lets you design your own ticket forms to include fields for anything you need.

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Ready to get started managing your business with Mojo Helpdesk? You can signup for a free 30 day trial directly from their site, or from the Google Apps Marketplace. Accounts then start at $24/month.

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Customer support is a core part of business, and good customer support can be a fundamental way to keep customers loyal. Take a company like Apple, for instance. Their customer service is chiefly thought of to be top notch, and for many, that alone can justify higher prices and keep customers returning to buy more. Technical support usually has never really had a good image, to the point that it’s mocked on national TV and being a frustration to many.

Of course, you don’t want that image reflected in your own business. With so many companies doing tech support wrong, doing it right can be a big selling point for your company and can make you stand apart from your competitors. It might be time to find a good customer support system, and Ticksy might just be that. Ticksy is a bloat-free customer support managed that even features integration without our very own Envato marketplaces. Even the smallest personal business needs to handle customer support, so lets take a look and see how Ticksy fits the bill.


Sometimes it seems that it’s easier to create an awesome product than it is to efficiently support your customers. Your customers issues can range from simple issues to major problems that your whole team will need to resolve. If you simply rely on a forum or a default inbox, it’s easy to overlook issues and fail to get back with your customers.

Recently, Zach wrote up a detailed review of one of the newer support tools online that’s designed to solve this problem: Help Scout. Help Scout is a support web app that’s built entirely around email, making it incredibly easy to manage your tickets from your favorite email app or their beautifully designed web app.

Today, we’re excited to share an with you our exclusive interview with the Help Scout team. They’ve shared with us their passion for support and email, their favorite apps, and the things that motivate their team. After the break, we have a dozen questions with their thoughtful answers about their company and the market in general.