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You’ve probably encountered a time when a service you want to use is unavailable, and it’s frustrating. In fact, just the other day I wanted to get in a little bit of Minecraft, but with their login servers down, it was impossible. Similar downtimes have crippled a number of popular services, making the most headlines when it’s something involving email. With generic failure messages, it’s difficult for the end user to diagnose: is it a problem on my end, or is it something I’m unable to solve?

Enter the status website. Lots of services have them, including Twitter, Google¬†and Apple. They act as a destination for troubled users to head to in order to diagnose a problem, or check whether maintenance is in progress. While it’s something you can probably knock off yourself, OffsiteStatus is a simple, but useful, web app that generates a site status page to send your users to. Let’s see how it can make your life simpler by giving you a separate hosted service for letting your users know how your website’s working. (more…)

Are you constantly bombarded with email after email, on a daily basis? Somedays you may appreciate the more socially-oriented emails from your coworkers, but other days, an onslaught of work-related communications may prevent your indulgence, even if the less important emails keep coming.

Instant messaging clients have long had a feature to alert contacts of their current availability through a number of statuses like “available” and “busy”. However, email has never been able to enjoy the same benefits – until now. Smoke Signal brings similar functionality to Gmail, allowing you to indicate your current availability in your email signature, based on the current level of unread items in your inbox. (more…)

Have you ever wished you had a dashboard as cool as Panic’s Status Board or Cultured Code’s Arrivals board in your office? Whether you work in a startup, small creative firm, Fortune 500 enterprise, or as a freelancer, there are dozens of things about your business that need to be kept up with. Seeing the numbers and graphs of your sales, website hits, inbox, project deadlines, and more can be a very motivating thing. Plus, fancy status boards can be downright impressive when others visit your office.

Plenty of people have set out to design their own status boards, but this can be a daunting project, especially if you want to tie into all of the apps and services you use daily. That’s where Geckoboard comes in. It makes it quick and easy to create an impressive status board in seconds, so you can see your business vitals at a glance from a dedicated screen, your browser, iPad, or any other internet connected device.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Sentinel. The developer describes Sentinel as a robust server and website monitoring solution wrapped up in a very easy to use interface. It will monitor physical server resources on Windows and Linux as well as common internet based services and send alerts to you or your team via email, sms, Twitter dm or iPhone push notifications.
Sentinel is the easiest way to keep tabs on all your websites and servers.

Read on for more information and screenshots!