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Social networks are precious data mines that are available for free. Accessing them isn’t a problem as all popular social network APIs are open and free. Making sense of the billions of existing messages and the millions that are generated everyday is where the problem arises. From customer feedback to competition analysis, social networks have opened a whole a new frontier for businesses.

Web apps of varying sizes and formats are available to track, monitor and consume the social data in a meaningful way. Sprout Social is one among them and it emphasizes on the four components of social media effectiveness: Monitoring, Engagement, Measurement and Growth. Let’s take a closer look!


Our sponsor this week is Sprout Social, the social media dashboard that can help your team organize all of your social network accounts in one place. It’s the tool your team needs to take your social network marketing to the next level.

With Facebook and Twitter sending many brands more traffic than Google search, having a great social media strategy is more important than ever. That’s why your team needs Sprout Social. It gives you one place to manage all of your social network accounts, so you can schedule and publish updates on all of them, together. It’ll even automatically find the best time to send our your updates, with collision detection to make sure you don’t repeat yourself. You’ll be able to get updates on your networks quickly from the dashboard, and can turn all of your social data into beautiful reports in seconds.

If that wasn’t enough, Sprout Social will also help you care for your customers and find new people that might be interested in your products. You can use the built-in CRM and help desk integration to keep track of your customers and take care of their support issues in real-time. And you won’t be working alone. Sprout Social lets you create tasks, assign them to others on your team, and add internal notes so you won’t accidentally miss anything. It’s everything you need to build your social media presence and take it further, right in one beautifully designed app.

Go Get It!

If you’re ready to take your company’s social media strategy to the next level, you should go signup for Sprout Social today. You can try it for free for 30 days, then choose from packages starting at $39/month to get the social media features your team needs. If it helps you turn more of your fans and followers into customers, then it just might quickly pay for itself!

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