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It’s been over a year since we last took a look at Springpad here at Appstorm. To refresh your memory (or for those of you who are new to Springpad), the app is, at heart, a note-taking/bookmarking app. It’s kind of similar to Evernote, or at least it used to be last year. Within Springpad you can save a variety of note types to peruse at your leisure.

This is old news, however, covered in last year’s review. Springpad has since added and improved many features offered within the app. They’ve added a lot of social aspects, done a complete design overhaul and much more. Stick with me to review some Springpad basics, check out what’s new and learn how well the app really works.


Bookmarks and notes have come of age and graduated from your browser to their own place in the cloud. What we should be building is a high-powered internet connected personal database of everything that’s of interest to you and not just text and links. More so, everything should have a custom wrapper of its own, that gets dynamically updated without any input from you.

Springpad is a free personal organizer to save and use just about anything — recipes, products, restaurants, ideas, notes, articles, and more. After the break you can find out how this web app turned out to be the most used app in my daily life.