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On November 15th, Facebook announced a new messaging system they’d be rolling out to all users, making it easier than ever to manage not only messages sent to you on Facebook, but conversations taking place via email, chat, and SMS.

Eventually you’ll be automatically upgraded to this new way of messaging, but you can try to get in on it early by requesting an invitation. I did just that, and a few days later was invited to try it out. Here’s what I found.


We know that MySpace is a great place for people who love music and for bands who want to make it big. A few days ago MySpace announced a tie up with Facebook for a new feature named Mashup with Facebook. The primary goal of this feature is to help MySpace users easily create a personalized stream of entertainment content based on their interests and taste.

Your interests are ascertained by the likes you’ve shared on your Facebook stream from clicking Like buttons across the web. Read on to find how you can get personalized entertainment content recommendations from MySpace, courtesy of Facebook.


Whether you’re a company taking advantage of the social internet to get your customer’s opinions or you’re just curious about your fellow users’ opinions on a specific topic, polls really can get people talking. There are many poll apps out there but some of these take ages to create an account and get the poll set up, sometimes raising doubts about whether it’s even worth it.

This is where TwittaPolls comes in. It allows you to easily and quickly create polls that can be shared with friends via Twitter and Facebook. Find out more after the fold.


Web searches help a ton in our quest to find information about things we looking for or want to know. Searches play a critical role in decision making and more so when it comes to personal use. Whenever possible, we are more inclined to take our friends’ advice than trusting a random person suggesting something in a blog.

But what if the link you are looking at has already been liked by your friend who found it to be helpful? Taking help from Facebook, Bing has introduced couple of social features to its search results to help you make the right choice. Follow me after the fold to find out more about the social features of Bing.


Social networks have changed our digital lifestyle. A major chunk of our activities online, like consuming news, multimedia, shopping, recommendations etc., have undergone a paradigm shift thanks to the social web. Links and likes from Facebook and Twitter influence our day to day decisions.

While there are plenty of splendid, free plugins and dedicated apps available for staying on top of the social graph it’s hard to beat the convenience and multi-tasking capability of a web browser. For those of us who think social media plugins are a bloat on system resources, an all new social browser has been unleashed into the interwebs.

Read on for more about RockMelt and how it can enhance your social experience.


Getting suggestions on entertainment, particularly which movie to watch, what band to listen to or which book to read, isn’t so simple. It’s true that you can ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter but how many times will you be willing to pollute your social stream asking for the slapstick comedy recommendations? It’s just not perfect.

A few automated recommendation engines have been around for a while to help you out and one among them is GetGlue. The USP of GetGlue is that it’s a social network dedicated to discovering all types entertainment, and they cover everything from movies and books to wine tasting. Read on to see how the web app can help you have some fresh fun.


We’ve all seen or played those guitar-oriented video games that allow for jamming along to rock songs but they’re usually only found on traditional gaming consoles or installed as applications on computers.

Instant Jam is a browser-based game that runs on the Java platform and allows you to play along to the music library on your computer, as well as challenging your Facebook friends. Find out more inside the article.


Facebook is one of the very few internet behemoths that doesn’t hesitate to add new features and update existing ones at a rapid pace. In the last few days, Facebook has completely revamped their groups product and now they allow users to download all their profile data. Exporting personal data is clearly aimed at pacifying privacy advocates and is a welcome change in Facebook’s approach.

Previously less highlighted groups feature is now tightly integrated with user profile and friends list. Today we’ll take a look at how to set up a revamped Facebook group and to export your personal data.


Remember that link that you found so cool that you really wanted to share it with someone? But the big question is… who? Your brains whir and through a carefully thought-out process of elimination, you finally choose the person that would benefit most from visiting your amazing link, but you’re bored by now.

With Wibba, it becomes an easy process to share interesting things you’ve found around the web with the people that would benefit from them the most. You’re not limited to one person and with its really simple interface, it’s a breeze to use. Find out more about this great app inside the article.


The benefits of listening to or monitoring Social Media are growing at a break neck pace. Social media is the fastest way to reach out to people. For instance, if you’re looking to get open positions filled in your establishment, there’s a high probability of getting the word out quicker via social platforms. Not everyone is monitoring recruitment sites, your company’s careers page or the corporate blog for vacant positions.

When you send out a tweet with a proper hashtag, say “#jobs”, the chances of it reaching more people is highly likely. This is just a sample among some really lucrative domains like customer support, business intelligence and market survey, among others. Checkout our list of great apps for monitoring multiple social media platforms after the fold.


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