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I just recently ventured into creating my own website again. There is something about doing it that is so fulfilling for me. Over the years, I have learned a lot about websites by creating them, and have found what should and should not go into it. Now, don’t let me mislead you: I am no pro at this by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, when you start talking about coding, you lose me right away. But, what I have started to learn more and more about is using the amazing resources that are out there to help you create your own site. I am finding that you really don’t have to know how to code to help you come up with a decently good looking website.

Take for example, the app that I am reviewing today called Feeder Ninja, which does something so simple in nature, but yet can come in very handy when you are creating your own site. Feeder Ninja takes your social media feeds and creates an embedable  window that you can insert into your website. Again, simple in nature, but they make it so easy to do and it looks very professional.


I have always been jealous of others that are able to be disciplined enough to keep a journal and be consistent with it. I have tried so many different times to start one, only to stop in a week or two. I tried a variety of ways to make this happen, including pen and paper,  typing, using cool apps to do it, but nothing seems to work for me. I struggle with this because, I feel like I am at a point in my life where I want to be more reflective as there are some very significant things happening right now and I want to be able to look back on them and see what my thoughts were.

A few weeks ago, I came across a web app called Loccit, that takes a different approach on journaling. When I watched their video on how it works, I started to realize that they may be on to something. Their whole premise is to take the apps that you use on an every day basis to share what is going on in your life and bundle them into one to create your own journal. Now, there are other similar services out there that do this, but this one just seemed like it was interesting to try.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Resfly. The developer describes Resfly as a web-based job posting service which allows hiring professionals to easily post a job to multiple leading job boards and social networks. It has all the features needed to manage the entire hiring process including publishing a job, collecting applications through a hosted career portal, and measuring the effectiveness of hiring campaigns with real-time analytics.

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In my last article, I talked about all of the advancements social media made in 2011. This included the launch and relatively quick rise of Google+, Google’s shiny new social network that allows people to connect, share, and even hangout (via video chat, that is). While Google did enter the social scene, however, their main function as a search company is still to disseminate information. Thus, it’s not surprising that Google+ has some nice built-in ways of doing this.

I know what you’re thinking. Obviously a social network can disseminate information. Just look at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and every other social network out there. They all spread information- people post things for other people to read. But I think Google+ has a couple of extra layers that the other social networks don’t have. Let’s start with an obvious one: Circles.


We are always interested to know what others like. This curiosity helps to be in the know and to ensures that we don’t fall behind the rest of the world, or so we think. The hypothesis is particularly true when it comes to following popular people. From fashion to health tips, people go gaga when they learn something from the coolest kids in the block.

Thanks to the advent of Social Media, it’s never been easier to keep in touch or follow people you like. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of data available today, so you will need apps like Likester that help you stay always on top of the hot happenings in real time. Does the app has what it takes to be the Global popularity engine it claims to be? We sure are going to check that claim out!


Social media touches many lives and monitoring it closely is useful for a wide variety of purposes. With so many social networks it’s not so easy to monitor the social media interactions happening. If you know your away around code, you can tap into the API of social networks to gather social data, even if it involves handling dozens of APIs, multiple formats, maintenance, coding knowledge and more.

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