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One of the great things about the web is how easy sharing information and collaboration have become . There are now hundreds ways to show photos to friends, work on code with colleagues, make presentations to audiences across the globe, video chat with family abroad and team up to work on all kinds of projects, big and small. We’ve covered plenty of apps that help you curate and share content, including Zootool and Pinterest – but what if you wanted to share with a group – and do more than just look at pictures together?

Zwiggo has you covered. This app will have you and your group sharing pictures, links and files, talking in your own private chat room, taking group decisions in a flash, planning your schedule easily and getting things done all at once. It’s flexible enough to accommodate all types of groups and various activities. It also works in real-time and looks great. So how does Zwiggo work? Let’s put a project together and find out.


I have a confession to make; I am a huge Harry Potter fan. This may not be too surprising if you know I’m a pretty big nerd. What may be more surprising is I just got into it within the last two years, so I had some catching up to do. But once I read all of the books and saw all of the movies, I wanted more. I started reading interviews with JK Rowling and other websites and came to find that the Harry Potter World is a very well thought out and immersive one with endless depth to the characters. Fans (myself included) wanted a resource where we could tap into that world.

Pottermore gives us that.


I, like many others, enjoy cooking, especially when I’ve got the time (and patience) to work up something magical in the kitchen department. It’s something that helps take my mind off other things and the results are (mostly) very good! Cooking is a mixture of own knowledge as well as some improvisation thrown in, and you don’t necessarily have to be able to follow a cookbook to be able to cook.

But if you are just starting out cooking, or you can’t be bothered (or you don’t trust yourself) to rustle something up from the leftovers in the fridge, then you’ll need a cookbook. There is one problem with this, though. Go into your local bookshop and just look at the range available. It is almost impossible to distinguish between them, and the choice available is enough to give some people a headache. Your next solution is to turn to the internet, but there is still a mind-boggling array of recipe websites. Searching for “recipe” on Google yields a staggering 735 million results! What you want is a simple, easy-to-use website along with simple, easy-to-cook recipes to match.


Everyone loves a good infographic. It is such an easy way to digest statistics instead of having to read endless lists of boring and confusing figures, and it certainly makes the lunch break browse of the ‘Net a lot more interesting. Websites such as Mashable publish plenty of infographics and visualisations on their website, and the useful thing about visualisations is that they can virtually be published on any topic, as long as there’s some degree of statistics involved (my particular favourite is this one on Angry Birds users).

But, what happens if you are searching for a particular visualisation, either for your article or just out of general interest? Yes, there’s the old-fashioned way of searching via Google or trawling through hundreds of sites, but surely you just want a site like Flickr where you can browse through infographics, without having to waste time searching for them?

This is exactly what is. Think of it as Flickr for infographics and visualisations. Signing up is completely free and there’s some exciting features built into it (with a couple more in the pipeline).


Social networking. It’s human nature to fear the unknown, and in the realm of current technology, the unknown is now social networking. And granted, there’s plenty to fear. Like every innovation before it, horror stories have been told about the dangerous effects of these new social networks. There’s obvious issues when you’re sharing personal information with people who’s identities can’t be confirmed. But then there are the brighter sides to these digital networks with social connections. We get to add a social layer to our digital lives, sharing those artifacts of pixels and code that are important to us now.

So what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could get all the benefits a social network provides, but wrapped in a protective bubble of encryption, something where you choose who’s allowed in. That’s what Minigroup aims to provide. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer, and just how painless and feature-rich this private social network is.


If you’re familiar with the social network giant Facebook, you’ll know privacy has been an increasingly hot topic. While it is a top dog in its field, it’s been growing a reputation for taking advantage of users and their privacy. So why don’t people leave? The most common answer I hear is, “What other choice do I have?”

Well, here are five alternatives to Facebook that are worth giving a shot.


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