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Social bookmarking is still quite popular, even as Delicious and other original bookmarking sites struggle to find their way. There are sites dedicated to bookmarking images, videos, items on your wishlist, and even good old fashioned websites. One thing you don’t typically see being bookmarked is text. We read and share articles on social networks all the time, but sharing special quotes from online articles isn’t something that is typically seen.

Findings is a new social bookmarking site that hopes to change this fact. With Findings, you’re able to highlight, save, and share all of your favorite quotes from whatever you happen to be reading online. After you bookmark a quote, it shows up in the Findings feed where other users can check it out, comment, and add the quote to their personal collections. Keep reading after the jump to learn more about how Findings works and what I thought about it.


I love to eat. Sadly my culinary talents are limited to making ramen and boiled eggs. It’s not that I’m a bad cook or that I don’t like cooking, I just can’t remember a recipe, the sequence of what goes into pot or when exactly it should actually go in. I’ve tried out a lot of cooking websites but none had the recipes presented in a way that’s easy to consume.

Are you tired of signing up for a different recipe box for every different recipe site, and equally tired of printing recipes out to save in a drawer? What if there was one place we could save all of our favorite recipes from across the web? Yumm is a web app where you can gather all your favorite recipes online with ease. Bon Appetit!