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When it comes to project management, most web apps offer the same basic features: a group of to-do lists, some kind of messaging board, a few gigs of file storage, shared document-editing, a calendar of some sort, and if you’re lucky, a set of reports.

But what most don’t offer is the ability to develop a project-management workflow that conforms to the way your team already works, and without this customization, you lose precious time trying to get everybody up to speed on the new way of doing things. In my experience, that ramp-up time usually results in project members abandoning the app and reverting to project management by email.

Enter SmartQ.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting smartQ. The developer describes smartQ as an agile project management app that can fit any workflow. smartQ uses a task board interface to visualize, distribute and track the work. smartQ is highly customizable – the project stages, user security roles and even the task/ticket fields can be customized. smartQ is ideal for issue management, ticket tracking and task management.

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