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Nowadays, it’s quite easy to launch a full-featured site without having to do much with code, thanks to the many advanced content management systems that you can use. You can launch a site in seconds on a hosted CMS or blog platform like or Tumblr, or you could make your own self-hosted site with the CMS of your choice with not much more trouble.

My first site, Techinch, started life a blog, but once it started getting some traction I moved it to a self-hosted WordPress install. 2 hosts and 3 major theme redesigns later, I’m now moving it to Kirby, an incredibly nice self-hosted plain-text powered CMS. Along the way, I’ve tried out more hosted and self-hosted blog platforms than I can even remember.

Moving a site to a new CMS can be a tedious process at best, but if you love trying out new web apps, you’ve surely gotten the itch to try out other CMSes. That’s why I was wondering if you’ve ever moved your site to a new CMS. Perhaps you’ve moved from one hosted platform like Tumblr to your own self-hosted WordPress, or perhaps you’ve taken a bigger leap and built your own CMS. We’d love to hear how you’ve moved your site around over the years in the comments below!