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Your team has dreamed up a great app, and worked day and night to get it released. Launch day came, and it was a total success. There’s only one problem: everyone’s sending you bug reports, and you don’t know how to keep track of them. You’ve got new features you want to add in the next version, and issues to fix, and your team needs to keep track of them and discuss the best ways to fix them.

Sounds like your team needs Sifter, our sponsor this week.

With its brand-new Github integration, Sifter is designed to help you track bugs and follow up on them the way you’re already used to working. It gives you a clean dashboard where you can easily see the issues in each of your projects, and filtering tools to find the most important things to work on. You can discuss bugs and find solutions with your whole team, get notified by email when anything’s added — or just get a summary email at the end of the day, and can even add issues via email. It’s got everything you need to track — and fix — all the issues in your app, with brilliant customer support to help you out if you get stuck.

Sifter — The Workflow to Help You Fight Bugs

Sifter — The Bugtracker You Need

Best of all, the Sifter team keeps adding features that make it an even better tool for your team. You can look over their Changelog to see all the features and improvements they’ve added — from the aforementioned Github integration to a new file uploader, UI improvements, better HTML email notifications, and more — since we originally reviewed Sifter.

It’s one of the best ways to track bugs in your apps, and if your team has been looking for a way to keep track of everything you need to fix, you should definitely give Sifter a try.

Get Your Team on Sifter This Week!

No matter how many projects and apps your team is working on, Sifter can help you keep track of bugs and help you push your projects forward. Give Sifter a try this week with a free 14-day trial, then get the plan that works best for your team starting at $29/month for up to 10 active projects. You’ll get all of Sifter’s great features, no matter which plan you choose, so you can worry about fixing your bugs instead of fixing your bug tracking app.

Think you’ve got a great app? Sign up for a Weekly Sponsorship slot just like this one.

Our weekly sponsor this week is Sifter, a lightweight, simple, and easy-to-use issue and bug tracker. It’s designed from the ground up to be simple for even non-technical team members to use, so everyone will stay involved.

One of the biggest problems with getting your team using any new app is getting everyone on board. When you need powerful tools to keep your developer team productive, it can be tough to get your less technical team members using them. Then, many apps cost more per user, making it a struggle to get approval to roll out the app to your whole team.

That’s where Sifter comes in. It’s simple for everyone to use, and all plans let you have unlimited users. Everyone can quickly report bugs online or through email, and with a simple workflow, no one will need training to get started. You can then filter through all of your issues and bookmark them, so you’ll easily be able to find just what you need to be working on.

Best of all, you can keep track of your progress on issues with milestones, priorities, and due dates. You can discuss issues with your team with threaded messages online and rich HTML emails, and can assign issues to individual team members. You can even integrate your internal apps with Sifter’s API, to keep everything together.

Go Get It!

If you’ve been looking for a simpler way to keep track of issues and bugs in your app, Sifter might be just what you’ve been looking for. You can signup today for a free 14 day trial, and if it seems like it fits the bill for your team, you can get a subscription starting at $29/month. Since every plan includes unlimited users, you’ll be getting your team working together in no time.

Think you’ve got a great app? Sign up for a Weekly Sponsorship slot just like this one.

Bugs and programming go hand in hand. You can probably measure a developer based on how much attention he/she pays to finding bugs, fixing them and tracking them to see if they ever show up again. Bug tracking is not the glamorous part of being a developer, but is the most critical one.

Bug tracking system of various shapes and sizes have existed for decades. Since the workforce is getting more and more distributed, bug tracking apps have moved to the cloud- either they are self hosted or cloud based third party solutions are employed. Self hosting is cheap, but becomes one more system that needs to be maintained internally.

Sifter is a bug tracking app that strives to simplify the cumbersome process of tracking bugs and issues. How different is it from the rest of the apps from a crowded vertical?