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There’s an abundance of data backup and sharing apps, regardless of which platform you use. However, there are only so many that do a great job and run on all the major platforms (OS X, Windows and Linux). If you’re seeking a quality backup and sharing app, you might consider giving SpiderOak a try.

Today I’ll review the backup, sync and sharing app SpiderOak.

Update: Be sure to check out SpiderOak’s new iPhone app!


Looking for the best way to store and share your photos? You’re not alone! There are many fantastic sites for photo sharing and we’ve rounded up the top twenty. One or more of these are bound to meet your needs and much more.

We’ve rounded up the top twenty absolute best photo storage and sharing sites, including pricing, storage, accepted file types and other core information to make your decision even easier.


Flickr, Picasa or SmugMug—which is best? Which one best suits your needs and your budget? What kind of professional level features do you get with each? These are questions I’ve been asking for awhile and it’s now time to compare three of the most popular photo storage and sharing services available today.

In this comparison we’ll pit Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug against each other so you can see which would best suit you.


Among the many ways to share and store photos, Picasa is one of my favorites. Along with great desktop software for management, Picasa’s web interface has a great selection of features and options. If you’re looking for a smart, simple and easy way to share and store your photos with the ability to expand, in both storage and flexibility, as your photo albums do — Picasa is a great choice.


No matter what type of work you do online, everyone enjoys a savvy file upload and sharing tool. It’s part of why Dropbox has garnered so much love in the past year. Another tool in this genre, Upload Robots, also gives the same great service. And with the updates they’ve got coming down the pipe early 2010, the brains behind this file sharing application are positioning themselves to be a serious competitor to Dropbox.

Today we’re giving away 5 Pro licenses to Upload Robots — meaning there will be five lucky winners who will get a first hand look at how this service works and how this app will improve over the coming months.


Recent trends in design have led to many successful applications that focus on one thing, and one thing only. This is a promising trend as many of these applications have been able to succeed when focused in this way.

Due in part to this focus, one genre of application that has really blossomed is that of file sharing. Specifically, Dropbox has won the hearts of people all over the world. But the solid design has been implemented in other apps in this space.

Today I’d like to look at one in particular: Upload Robots.


A web tool and a desktop application all rolled into one utility, Dropbox appears to have addressed an issue that has long plagued computer users — synchronization. Developers from many of the big names in this industry have tried and failed at synchronization. In a way, it has been the holy grail of mobile computing, And yet, none of the big names were able to give users an acceptable solution.

Then Dropbox hit the scene.


Over the first couple of weeks here at Web.AppStorm, we’ve focused quite a bit on (micro)blogging and the tools available. Another very popular way to share your thoughts and talents is with video. The rise of high speed internet connections has spurred the creation of many video sharing services. More and more people have the tools to create video and, correspondingly, the ways to share those videos has exploded.

So you’ve shot some film, edited the work in your favorite video editing software … now you need to get it online and in front of the eyes of your audience. Whether you want to build your band’s fan base with viral marketing or share videos of your kids with their grandparents, any of the tools we’ve listed here will get the job done.


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