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Dropbox, the app we all (at least many of us) know and love, has a plethora of advanced uses to make life so much easier in managing data between multiple computers and online. We’ve posted several roundups of tips and tricks for Dropbox and now we present our ultimate toolkit and guide.

We’ve pulled all our tips and tricks together and added quite a few more. Additionally, share your Dropbox tips and tricks and we’ll update the list to share the fun with everyone.


Thanks to the advancement of technology, nearly everyone these days is walking around with a camera – whether via phone, point & shoot, DSLR or other. Creating and sharing memories is nearly as old as the human species. With today’s advancing web technologies, storing, sharing and managing your photos has never been easier.

As a photography hobbyist I’m always interested in discovering new and better ways to store and share my photos. Personally, I’m a SmugMug, Flickr and Facebook user but what about you?

Earlier today we took a look at PicsEngine, a relatively new and simple web app for your photos. After reviewing the app I realized it’s quite difficult for new comers to this area of web apps to compete with more feature rich and developed apps like Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug. What do you think?

I’d love to hear what web apps you use to store, share or manage your photos. If your app of choice isn’t on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments so we can take a look. Thanks!

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Feedback is a vital part of the design process, though getting it in an interactive and constructive manner to put to use in the next revision can be a tricky process. But, for a web designer, asking for feedback in most cases can become tedious as you can’t do everything from within a PDF attached to an email.

There’re plenty of web apps which can actually make the task of gathering feedback for web and other design works simpler and swifter. Bounce is a web app focused on collecting and sharing comments on web apps and websites. Let’s take a look.


These days we’re all photographers, whether via cell phone, point & shoot, a more serious DSLR or some other gadget with photo snapping capabilities. We’re a digitally social and sharing society these days, yet it’s still surprisingly difficult to share group photos outside social networks like Facebook.

Yogile brings a simple and very usable solution to the table for easy photo sharing for groups. Read on for our look at Yogile’s interface, pricing and usability.


We recently rounded up 15 Awesome Dropbox Tips and Tricks, which was accompanied by a giveaway. Entries required a comment with your favorite Dropbox tip, trick or hack you use. From that massive collection of entries we bring you 10 [more] killer Dropbox tips and tricks to make the most of this amazing app.


The Dropbox team has generously offered one lucky Web.AppStorm reader $100 credit, and we want to sent out a huge thanks to them for their generosity and for supporting the AppStorm community!

Earlier this week we announced the Dropbox giveaway along with 15 Awesome Dropbox Tips and Tricks, which has generated tons of fantastic reader-submitted Dropbox tips and tricks. Read on to see if you’re the lucky winner and some of our favorite reader-submitted tips and tricks!


Not long ago we ran a giveaway including four very popular web apps with the entry requirement of letting us know what apps you would like to see in future giveaways. Of the many apps requested, Dropbox was, by far, the most requested. When inquiring about people’s favorite internet integrated apps, not surprisingly Dropbox is a huge leader.

Dropbox seems to be one of the most popular apps among our readers and many others around the web, so we contacted the Dropbox team and they’ve generously offered $100 in credit to be given away to one lucky reader. In addition to a $100 in Dropbox credit, we bring you 15 tips and tricks for making the most of this killer web app!

Read on for giveaway details and great Dropbox tips and tricks.


Emails cannot be anymore boring, and more so in an office environment. Can you just imagine how many emails you’ll have to send and receive before you know what your team mates are up to? Umpteen. To add to this agony, you will have to rinse and repeat this charade every single time you need an update or when you want share a tip.

Co-op presents a delightful solution — bringing in a Twitter-like app to enable knowledge sharing. Let’s take it for a spin after the jump.


Earlier this week we walked through the process of customizing a SmugMug photo gallery theme, for both easy and advanced editors. As part of the how-to, SmugMug offered to give one lucky reader a free Pro plan, which covers a full year and is valued at $149.95!

Recap and winner announcement after the jump.


I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve needed to be able to easily share my screen or see someone else’s, whether it was for collaboration reasons or simply being the IT guy for family. dimdim gives you the ability to quickly and easily share your screen, collaborate with others and much more.

I’ll take a look at dimdim and how to quickly setup screen sharing for collaboration or other reasons, with a screencast preview.


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