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Have you ever found it difficult to share stuff you find online? Sure, there’s millions of social buttons across the ‘net to like, 1+, Tweet, and do just about anything else you can think of with the pages you read. But what if you want to, say, share a part of a page on with a friend to show them the a price and a picture of the thing you’re talking about? You could take a screenshot, but then you’ll have to still share a link to the site, and the text won’t be searchable. Or you could copy and paste the text, but then you’ll lose the picture, formatting, and more.

Clipboard is a new beta web app that aims to reinvent copy/paste for the web. It’s a surprisingly powerful tool that you can use to share anything you discover, embed stuff from any site on your pages, and save your favorite content safely. Here’s our first look at this innovative new way to clip and share web content.


Isn’t it great that nowadays when you come across anything interesting in your life, you can share it with the world in an instant? Blogs, social networks and smartphones have made this so easy that we hardly stop to think about the miracle of being able to show people a picture, a video or a song halfway across the globe in the blink of an eye. Whether you want to show off your collection of shoes, pictures of your family, songs you wrote in college, funny videos you stumbled upon online, your favorite works of art, or even random thoughts you’ve had, there’s an app that lets you share them with the world.

If you’re looking for a minimalistic, visual approach to curating what you find interesting, Pinterest might be for you. It’s a virtual pinboard where you can post images you like, organize them and share them on a social network focused primarily on images. Each pinboard you create can have a theme or purpose, and you can liken it to a lightbox containing images or videos from around the web covering a specific topic. Pinterest also feels like a microblog service stripped down to its bare essentials with a focus on eye candy. Let’s look at how it works.


Ok. There are way too many social networks around. Facebook and Twitter might be the ones that hundreds of millions of people use, but there still a whole bunch of social networks operating in niche verticals. And thanks to the advent of smartphones and trigger happy venture capitalists, there definitely is a social overdose.

So, you are an aspiring online entrepreneur who wants to join the social networking goldrush. What should you do? Think slightly different, slightly will do, launch the network, get some VC funding and wait for the big bucks to come in. FutureYear is a social network that deals with the future. With great skepticism, I took up the app for review and if you keep reading after the break, you will know whether it’s worth joining or not!


Change is good. It helps keep things fresh and keeps boredom away. But too much of anything is good for nothing and that holds good for changes too. So, the folks at Facebook have been quietly busy and rolled out few notable updates to the World’s largest social network. At times I think if there is a wager between Google and Facebook to see who rolls out more updates in a calender year!

I don’t use a lot of features of Facebook, just like thousands of others. But from changing the way the feed looks like to sharing and privacy, everyone will feel the changes for sure this time. Predictably, there are loud voices complaining about yet another change, but at the end of the day, these new additons make Facebook more fun to use.


Prior to getting my iPad, I didn’t have much use for notebook apps. After my computing life went mobile, however, I found myself needing to write things down without having a notepad within reach. And so I got Evernote, the same notebook app used by so many of the bloggers I followed. After a few days, however, I wasn’t happy. Evernote could do all the things I wanted it to, but it didn’t…feel right.

My editor suggested I take a look at Memonic, a notebook app developed by a Swiss startup named Nektoon AG. I said to him the same thing I say to everybody else: if something doesn’t feel right, then it can’t hurt to try the Swiss.


Of course not! There never is. However, by comparing them we might be able to help you make a decision better suited to your needs. I, for one, have been torn between the two for quite a long time but always stuck with Droplr. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each and why you might want to choose one over the other. Take a look!

We’ve written a new 2012 CloudApp versus Droplr comparison that you should check out too: CloudApp versus Droplr: Which App Should You Choose?


Social networks have made sharing so much fun. Sharing images in particular has never been so easy. Just upload your images and they’re up for all your friends and family to see. The icing on the cake is that most of these services are free. Photo sharing is an integral part of all social networks and given the public craze towards sharing images, dedicated social networks have popped up focusing only on sharing pictures.

DailyBooth is a popular social network centered around pictures. Interested in learning how interesting it turned out to be?


When you want to share a file with someone over the internet, it can often be a much simpler task if it can be completed quickly — leaving less worrying about the status of the file and whether or not it has been uploaded. Of course, you could rely on services such as Dropbox to be your main source of storing the files, but when you’re looking for something a bit simpler, this is where Crate comes in.

Crate creates one of the simplest and most user-friendly file sharing experiences there is and you can find out more about this amazingly-simple app inside the article.


In a world where news breaks every minute, some can find it hard to catch up on all the sources they want to follow. Good Noows is another app that takes your favorite feeds and organizes them into a special layout (although this time you get a choice of what layout!).

Good Noows is a personal news reader that pulls in your favorite news feeds to a layout of your choice. Some critics have touted the service as being a viable alternative to Google News whilst others say that Good Noows is a fresh face to your news.

Good Noows is a web app that can also be integrated into Chrome especially via the Chrome web store. But do you want to use it over the many other RSS readers available?


Would you like a better way to edit documents and collaborate on ideas? Emailing notes back and forth is a mess and wikis can be complicated to use. Plus, neither of these let you see your team’s document changes in real time. Google Docs now allows collaborative editing, but it makes it hard to get a sense of what was added and when.

For a time, Etherpad was the king of online collaborative writing. No matter where you and your coworkers were, you could log in to the same Etherpad, edit together in realtime, then playback the document revisions to see how the document progressed over time. Then, a couple months after Google Wave was announced, the Etherpad team was bought out by Google. Their code was opensourced, but their original site was shut down and, before long, Google Wave was canceled and opensourced as well.

Today, if you’d like to keep using Etherpad, you could obviously install and run the opensource Etherpad code directly on your own servers for your company or personal use. However, running it directly can be difficult, and if you just want to get started writing collaboratively, you’ll want something easier to manage. There are then a number of sites that let you use the original Etherpad code on their own servers. Some of these services simply use the original Etherpad, while others have taken it and expanded its feature set. is a great service from Cynapse that has taken the original Etherpad and given it a fresh theme, a desktop launcher to access your pads easily, social network sharing, and more. Let’s take a look at the service and see if collaborative writing has been given a fresh start with


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