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Is keeping up with your team’s schedule more work than actually doing the work your business is all about? There’s no reason job scheduling should be so difficult. That’s where Service Task, our sponsor this week, comes in.

Service Task simplifies everything down to the 3 most important things in your business: your customers, your jobs, and you calendar. You can keep up with everything important about your customers to make sure you provide them the most personalized service each time. Then, you can keep up with the tasks for your whole team in Service Task, even recurring tasks with service plans, and turn them into timesheets as work is finished. Finally, but most importantly, you can manage your company’s calendar online, dragging-and-dropping appointments and meetings to the time that’ll work best for you. Your customers can book service online, and you can manage everything to make sure you’ll give them the best service, right from Service Task.

Want more? Service Task integrates fully with QuickBooks Online to make your accounting and invoicing simple, and also now includes its own brand-new invoicing tool so you can create invoices from Service Task directly if you don’t use QuickBooks. Then, Service Task also makes it simpler to promote your business online, with a built-in tool to create a basic site to publicize your business.

Go Get it!

Ready to get your service-orientated business more focused on the service you’re offering and less on getting your service scheduled? Then you should give Service Task a try. You can try Service Task for free for 30 days, and keep using it for free if you have only 10 customers. After that, you can keep using Service Task to keep your business running starting at $24/month.

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