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It’s one thing to write, code, paint or create. It’s another thing to pay the bills. I guess thats why many people abandon projects in favour of a steady, nine to five job.

That might all seem a bit dramatic, and maybe it is, but beneath the main economy of white collar workers flows an undercurrent of online enterprise desperate to find its feet. Individuals and groups, creating and sharing.

Sellbox, by way of its simplistic features caters to this underworld yet keeps the style and professionalism of the main market. By enabling users to sell their Dropbox files, they’ve created an ingenious marketplace with no start-up overheads for the creators. But how is it really any different from other online file markets? And, in business terms, is it worth your while? (more…)

Our sponsor this week is Sellbox, a great way to sell files online. If you’ve been looking for a drop-dead simple way to sell your digital creations, it might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Odds are you already use Dropbox, perhaps to sync your own files between your devices and back them up online, or perhaps to share them with others. Sellbox lets you take your Dropbox storage, and turn it into your own online marketplace. You can sell any file you’ve saved in Dropbox, either in a specific folder or in any place in your Dropbox, depending on your settings.

After a quick signup process through your Dropbox login, you’ll just need select the file you want to sell, set a price, add any pictures or descriptions of the item you want, then share your Sellbox link on your social networks and more. That’s it. In only a couple minutes, you’ll be selling your digital creations online.

Start Selling Online Today!

Ready to start selling files online? There’s no need to wait. Just head over to Sellbox’s website to signup with your Dropbox account for free. Sellbox only costs 5% of your selling price, so it’ll only cost you if you make money. That’s quite a good deal!

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