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Social media is turning out to be an awesome resource for finding news and information. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of professional and amateur sources, there is no dearth of content on any given topic. But the volume of information passing through the social streams is quiet heavy and is becoming increasingly tedious for consuming them straight up.

Some sort of curation and an edible wrapper would help a lot of folks. Storify lets you consume social media in a brand new way – by creating stories using social media. Interested in knowing how its done? Read on.


So many of today’s apps sport a plethora of features and uses, which often times go completely unused. The wide range of features included in apps aren’t always for each user but rather the wide range of users that have greatly differing workflows or preferences. However, when you only need to accomplish a simple task, what’s a user to do?

Single purpose apps of higher quality seem to be popping up more and more these days and provide great, simple and easy to use solutions to some of the simple tasks some of us need to tackle. Check out our look at, a super fast and simple way to publish content online, and, a drop-dead simple image gallery for sharing quickly.

What do you think of these single purpose apps?


Blogging tools are getting more sophisticated and feature rich every few months or so. Platforms like WordPress have so many features they’ve stopped being blogging platforms and transformed into Content Management Systems. Even Tumblr has a learning curve. For an average user with or without the knowledge of technology, so many features means added complexity.

Interested in care free blogging that just works? You should definitely check out Posterous then. All you need to you know is how to send an email and Posterous will make you a blogger!


Blogging, and its rapid rise in popularity as a way to self-publish, is arguably responsible in part for the great proliferation of web apps over the last few years. Back when blogging was only done by early adopters, you’d need to stock your computer with desktop apps — an image editor, an RSS reader, and so on. As bloggers became increasingly mobile, the need for always-accessible applications only got stronger, and today, many bloggers don’t need to leave the browser at all to get the job done.

If you’re new to blogging, you might be looking for a collection of web apps that will make your life easier. Today’s a lucky day for you, then, because you just found ten of them!


Do you want to blog but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re already a blogger and you’d like to check out other platforms and their offerings? Blogging is common place these days but new people are discovering and jumping into platforms like WordPress everyday.

We’ve gathered ten of the best blogging platforms around, along with some resources for things like themes, plugins and tutorials. Take a look at the best of the best and share your favorite resources or platform of choice.


Mashable, in celebration of their fifth birthday, have published a Look Back at the Last 5 Years in Blogging. The post begins with a reference to one of the original pillars of blogging: Technorati. Back in the day, every blogger who was anyone made sure their blog was in the Technorati blog search engine and directory.

When we started up our Envato blogs I had an account where I would submit them, and we kept a close eye on how our authority was tracking to see if we would break into the super exclusive club that was the Technorati Top 100. These days the site has really dropped off my radar, so today I set out to see if it still has any relevance?


We’ve focused a lot recently on tools that are catered to promoting you or your work. And today, in what will be our last entry in this genre for a while, I want to look at a slick new tool titled

More in the direction of Magntize, is a simple way to create a one page site that is all about you. And to do so with style.