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Anyone that’s created or maintained a website will know that it’s crucial to know as much about your users as possible to ensure a website’s success. Tools like Google Analytics are perfect for this sort of task but there always comes a time where perhaps you need a little bit more control.

I came across this little gem a few years ago when I wasn’t even looking for an alternative and found it to be quite useful. I recently revisited it and was pleasantly surprised at how far the project has progressed.

Enter Piwik. With a rich feature set similar to the top website analytics apps that gracefully line the web, Piwik is also free and open source, which means you can install the latest stable version on any server. Read on to find out more!


Our weekly sponsor this week is Sendy, a new self-hosted web app that makes it simpler and much cheaper to send email newsletters, using Amazon’s AWS simple email service.

If you’re wanting to send out email newsletters to thousands of customers, most email services will work out quite expensive. You’ll spend $200 at MailChimp or $105 at Campaign Monitor to send out 10,000 emails. With Amazon SES, you could send that many emails for just $1. The problem is, Amazon SES is a backend service for bulk-sending emails, not something you could just start sending emails with quickly.

That’s where Sendy comes in. It’s a self-hosted web app that you run on your own server or hosting service that lets you manage email lists and send rich emails through Amazon SES. You’ll be able to manage multiple newsletters, keep up with subscribers, and see detailed reports about every part of your email campaign. It’s got everything you could want from a full-featured email newsletter web app, one that you control 100%.

Go Get It!

If you’d like to get started sending email newsletters your way for less money than ever, you just might want to get a copy of Sendy today. It’ll cost $59, but is currently available for just $40. That’s a one-time payment, and after you own a copy, all you’ll have to do is pay Amazon SES’ low rates to send emails.

Think you’ve got a great app? Sign up for a Weekly Sponsorship slot just like this one.

Invoices are used all of the time by various organisation types. From freelancers to large businesses, a lot of people rely on the need to present a total cost for their services in a standard document form. There are quite a few web apps that make this task so much simpler by providing an online interface to both create and manage these. However, if funds get low and you can’t afford to fork out monthly for access to your favourite invoice app, there are plenty of solutions to solve this predicament.

One of these is Pancake. You pay once, install on your own server and can use the app without limits to your heart’s content. Read on to find out more about this powerful new contender in the invoicing field.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Business Card Designer. The developer describes Business Card Designer as an online tool for creating business cards. The application allows users to save and resume projects later, import already made templates, background and symbols. Business Card Designer comes with full source code and it’s easy to install on your server all you need it’s PHP 5.2+.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Should you start your new blog on Posterous,, or on your own hosting account with a self-hosted WordPress install? Should you use Typekit or Google Fonts to add fancy new fonts to your site, or should you get a web font from Font Squirrel and host it on your server? These are the decisions webapp users have to make daily. The cloud has given us a multitude of ways to access apps from anywhere, and it seems like there’s a new Software as a Service coming out every day.

To host or not to host. That is the question. Let’s dive in and see if we can answer it for ourselves: is it better to self-host your own webapps or use hosted webapps as a service?


As freelancers, many of us need to create invoices on a regular basis. Invoicing is about as fun as doing your taxes, except for one nice exception: invoices are all about you getting paid, not you paying someone else. Still, there should be a way to make invoicing easier and cheaper. It’s never fun to have to pay just so others can pay you for your work!

Invoice Dude is an invoicing web app that has two major advantages over most competing invoicing apps: it’s free to use online and is also available for purchase as a self-hosted web app to run on your own servers. So, whether you’re looking for a free way to quickly create invoices online or want to purchase an invoicing app that you can run just as you want, Invoice Dude is a great option for both needs. Let’s dive in and see what more it has to offer.


Have you ever wanted to access all of your files from anywhere, without having to store all of your data online? Online storage tools like Dropbox are incredibly useful, but you likely can’t fit all of your files in your Dropbox. Then, what if you want to stream your music to your work computer without downloading it all? The cloud is great, but sometimes it seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth when you’re waiting for files to upload and sync.

Today we’re going to look at a way you can run your own cloud from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Setting up web servers and file sharing systems can be hideously difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, but there’s an exciting free app that makes it all as simple as a couple clicks. Let’s see how you can run your own personal cloud with Tonido.


If you’re like the vast majority of web developers, you’ve used Google Analytics to stay on top of your site’s traffic info and never gave it a second thought. Google Analytics is free, pain-free to setup, and gives you more detailed data about your traffic than you could know what to do with. What more could you ask?

Actually, there’s a lot more you could ask for. For starters, Google Analytics may be free, but all of your data is on Google’s servers. Some may prefer to keep their traffic data private, while others would just like more control over the data and reporting. Then, Google Analytics can be slow at times, and doesn’t display up-to-the-minute stats. Additionally, the charts are Flash-powered, so if you’re using an iOS device or have simply banished flash from your browser, you’ll only have the raw data.

Mint is a refreshing alternative that wins at every point Google Analytics comes short. It’s a self-hosted webapp so you can own and manage all of your own site’s data. It’s lightweight and expendable so you can make it work just like you want, uses native web charts so you won’t have to use flash, and shows visits as soon as they happen. Let’s see how to setup Mint on your site and take a tour of the features so you can see if it’s finally time for you to switch to a fresher analytics solution.


Want to find out what your audience thinks without adding another subscription service to your budget? There are dozens of survey apps available today, and many of them are simple to use and offer impressive features, templates, and more. However, it can be frustrating to have even more of your business’ data in another app instead of being an integral part of your main site.

If you’d like to run surveys directly from your own server or hosting account, Survd is a great new choice we’re going to look at today. It’s a self-hosted survey management system that makes it easy to create and run surveys and polls, then get the feedback in the format you want. You can install it in a few steps, and you won’t even need to setup a database for it. Let’s take a look at how Survd can make it easier and cheaper for your business to learn more about its audience.


There are just too many invoicing apps out there on the web. In fact, invoicing is one area where web apps beat the jeepers out of native apps. However, there is a catch; there are too many fancy features and they charge a bit too much of a price tag month after month, even if you’re not using it. Then there are concerns like security of users and their financial information (largely irrelevant, but some people still aren’t sure).

One possible solution for users worried about price, security and simplicity is to go for a self-hosted solution. Read on to find how to set up and use Siwapp on your server to meet your invoicing needs.


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