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It’s tough to get people to pay attention and be serious about their online identity. An Email account is the first and primary component of your online identity and yet it’s the one that is left unguarded the most. Email accounts may be virtual but once hacked, the consequences and damages are very real.

The problem with a hacked email account is the domino effect. All registrations, purchases, renewals, transactions, password reminders etc. are sent to your email inbox. So once the first domino falls, the entire setup falls apart in one fell swoop. After the jump, we’ve rounded up a few tips that can help you secure your email accounts of popular webmail services.


Bandwidth is not the only thing that can limit the level of internet experience. The ability to query the Domain Name Server to resolve the URL and fetch the data is equally important too. Inspite of having a broadband or fiber optic connection, a spotty DNS server at your local ISP could hamper your work online. That is when OpenDNS comes into focus.

OpenDNS operates datacenters at the most strategically connected intersections of the internet around the world. When you enter a URL in your browser and hit enter, OpenDNS routes your DNS queries to the closest datacenter near your geographical location automatically, making your internet requests faster and more reliable than before.


Everything’s stored online nowadays. Contact information, bank details and even your files. But just how secure are those backups?

CloudSafe helps to secure online files by the use of heavy encryption. In this article, I’m going to be showing you how to set up a virtual safe where you can store your encrypted files and data.


Since there are no point and click software, like an Anti Virus solution, available to secure a website, people just consider the job is done once the website is up. It definitely is not. Protecting a website or webserver is possible only by continued efforts. Unlike a poorly protected desktop in your place of business, a hacked website will reflect poorly on you, your business or brand.

With the sheer volume of zero day threats emanating all the time, there may not be fit it and forget solutions for protecting a website. But there are always some time tested fundamental ground work that should be done to get the first line of defence up while figuring out a detailed security plan. After the fold comes a list of 15 tips that can help you lay the foundation for web security.